This section contains projects that have been used to demonstrate some random tools using various web/computer technologies and concepts.

Mapping Applications

(1) - Find Elevation on Map

Find Elevation on Map

Determine the elevation at any point on the world map.

(2) - Map Area Calculator Tool

Map Area Calculator Tool

Measure areas on a map

Google Maps API

(1) - Google Maps Distance Calculator

Google Maps Distance Calculator

Determine the distance between two points on the Earth.

(2) - Find Country on Map Game

Find Country on Map Game

Find Country on Map is a simple game in which you have to click on a map where you think a country is.

(3) - Google Maps Guestbook

Google Maps Guestbook

Allow visitors to your website to add comments on-top of a map showing their location.

(4) - Google Maps To Send a Position

Google Maps To Send a Posistion

Use Google Maps to find, record and send a point on the earth to a friend.

(5) - Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator

Save a route on a map.

(6) - Online CSV Polyline Encoder

Create encoded polylines by inputting points in CSV latitude and longitude format

(7) - Convert Encoded Polyline To Latitude Longitude List

Extract an encoded polyline to a CSV latitude and longitude list

(8) - Find Haiti on Map

Try and identify where Haiti is on the world map

(9) - Find USA States on Map Game

A game where yu try to guess where USA state are located on a map

(10) - Cup Fixture Generator

Produce a random fixture list for a cup competition

(11) - Bulk Upload Cup Fixture Generator

Produce a random fixture list for a cup competition from a bulk upload

(12) - Taxi Fare Widget

Taxi Fare Widget

A widget that provides a simple taxi fare calcuation

(13) - Distances From Point

Distances From Point

Calculate the distance from a single point to one or more other points on a map.

(14) - Generate Destination Map

Generate the code for a map you can embed in your own website that shows multiple destinations from a central point

(15) - Find Capital City of Country Game

Find Capital City of Country Game

Are you able to identify the capital city of various countries? Play the game below to find out how good you are!

Combination of Technologies

(1) - GM Contact System

GM Contact System

A simple phone book system - Add, Delete, Edit Contacts


P(((PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor): Hypertext Preprocessor): Hypertext Preprocessor): Hypertext Preprocessor etc....

A recursive acronym and also a server scripting language.

(1) - Email to Image

Tool to convert an email address to a JPG picture

(2) - Text To Image

Convert text to PNG image

(3) - What Is My IP

Find out your IP address

(4) - What Is My Browser

Find out your Browser information

(5) - Decode Dreamweaver Password

Find out the ftp password stored in Dreamweaver ste file

(6) - URL Decoder

Convert Caps to Lowercase

(7) - Convert Caps to Lowercase

Convert all caps to lowercase text

(8) - Instructions To Clear Temporary Internet Files

Simple, browser dependent instructions to delete your temporary internet files

Visual Basic Script

(1) - Send Message

Send Message

Tool allowing messages to be sent over a windows LAN

(2) - Who Am I Script

See important information about a computer



A clock!

Online Javascript Obfuscator

Online Javascript Obfuscator

Find Number of Days Between Dates

Find the number of days between two dates

HEX Colour Tester

Quickly test how a HEX colour appears on screen

RGB Colour Tester

Quickly test how a RGB colour appears on screen

Convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees

Convert DMS and decimal latitude and longitude coordinates

Bulk Upload Cup Fixture Generator

Allows you to create a fixture list in bulk for any event that uses a knock-out format

YouTube URL Generator

Construct a YouTube URL with the start time built in

Convert Milliseconds to Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Convert Milliseconds to Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Convert from milliseconds to hours, minutes and seconds.


(1) - Facebook and Twitter Widget

A widget that shows a Facebook page feed and Twitter user feed

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Love the diversity and creativity of the stuff you have done and thank you for sharing it
By Mark Thompson on 16th August 2022
Hello how do I merge different distances I drew on Daftlogic?
On 26th July 2022
Hi Ian, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain in more detail please?
By Daft Logic on 11th June 2021
amazing projects! would it be possible to do a buffering tool (around a point) with .csv upload for multiple points?
By Ian White on 9th June 2021
James, this looks possible to do. We have added it to our to-do list.
By Daft Logic on 15th March 2021
Hello, any chance you have made a polyline decoder? I.e. the reverse of the encoder? Cheers!
By James on 8th March 2021
how can we get your software of electrical design

On 1st July 2019
Great Website! Extremely useful for contractors and homeowners. Thanks for your awesome measuring tool!
By Dillon on 17th October 2017
i love the cool projects "daftlogic". thanks..
By krunal on 4th April 2017
Thanks for the positive comments Eliud!
By Daft Logic on 12th January 2017
I am am greatly impressed by your WORKS !!! amazing man!! Totally loved your projects.
By Eliud Ngugi on 12th January 2017
I love the area calculator and distance calculators. As a farmer, I can quickly determine paddock size for planning purposes or just view the imagery to look objectively at my farm as a whole. Great apps!
By Nicole on 18th February 2016
very very nice tanks
By keyvan moghimi nejad dehkordi on 19th August 2015
Great ideas, handy apps, thanks for sharing!
By Richard on 19th August 2015
The distance calculator is very handy. I like the fact that it accepts multiple formats.
By Dan Noel on 31st July 2015
tanks, i like this calculate area
By tewelde on 25th February 2015
tanks for area calculate product
By on 25th February 2015
Online CSV Polyline Encoder

By FG on 22nd October 2014
well done !
By hfzhbq on 24th April 2014
Thank You. The distance calculator is a great program. Very useful

By IJ on 24th February 2014
1 for Google Maps Distance Calculator
On 31st December 2013
really good!
By leo on 17th September 2013
Thank you, it's very useful!
By John on 25th July 2013
Excellent projects, thank you!
On 27th May 2013
Very useful Google maps area calculator, thank you! Keep up the good work! And Happy New Year!
By Imants on 31st December 2012
Goo point to point calculator. Helpful when mapping out canoe trips or hiking trips.
By ShepFL on 24th June 2012
very useful site !! big up
On 5th June 2012
Distance calculation used to be on Google maps. Hard to find it now. Need to be able to delete a point so can find distance between 2nd and 3rd location.
By Peter on 26th December 2011
I also like the distance calculator.
By B on 3rd May 2011
Great art it really helps. From Kaisala Kirisi 04th April 2010
By Kaisala Kirisi on 4th April 2010

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