Generate Destination Map

Generate the code for a map you can embed in your own website that shows multiple destinations from a central point. This destination map can be used to illustrate destinations from airports, satellite offices or customer/client locations.


Live example of the type of map you can create and use on your own website


Make Your Own Map

Complete the details below to create your own Destination map:

1) Map Dimensions

Specify the map dimensions in pixels (px). Not sure what to input? Click here for some default values.


2) Centre Point

Type the latitude and longtitude of the center point. Not sure what to input? Click here for a default value (the Eiffel Tower).

3) List of Destinations

Input latitude and longtitude of destinations, one per line. Not sure what to input? Click here for some default values.



If you require any customisation, please get in contact.

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Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 25th January 2016 Initial Version
2.0 10th October 2019 Converted to Leaftlet Maps

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