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Use the map to leave comments and an idea of where on the earth you are. To add your own comments, simply click on the map at the location you wish your comment to be found. Then you will be asked to write your comment. Comments you write on the guestbook will be visible to you and others straight away.

To view on other comments, click on the markers to open the pop-up window.

You can zoom in and out and scroll by dragging the map.

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 15/12/2005 Initial Google Maps guestbook with Google Maps API V1
2.0 02/10/2006 Improvements made
3.0 24/07/2007 Google Maps API v2 with ajax implemented. No more page refreshes!
4.0 25/10/2007 Fixed some javascript errors
5.0 18/02/2010 Added Google search bar
6.0 09/10/2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3
7.0 12/09/2017 Leaflet maps implemented

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Future Improvements

  • Allow a user to remove their own comment after they have placed it on the map.
  • Provide files and instructions to allow visitors to download and install their own guestbook on their website.

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Previous Guestbook Comments

Excellent mapping program.
Palanka - city center, From Boban
Russia is Biggest Countries in the world
morocco is a bad country
I am living here, but it is not the best place ;-)
close 2 u
Hello World
dermaga kertapati PAlembang
you found me down here
Aw hell yeah
Pakistan the best country in the world only if pious personnels are ruling it!!!
my in-law hse
hello from prague :)
In the middle of the ocean!
Canada is Second place
11 Canterbury - woot woot!
Mi comentario
Hello ^-^

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Thank you for a wonderful week- hope to be back soon!
Today 29 January 2017 from sunny Algarve, Portugal
Love this site, helps a lot with our management business,
Greeting from Villa Management Solutions in Faro, Algarve, Portugal
On 29th January 2017
Welcome everybody!
By Tommy on 4th January 2016
hola soy carlos
By carlos on 22nd April 2015
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
On 10th February 2015
Aaight bro. lets check this out
By D72 on 25th June 2013
très bien
By samia on 5th February 2013
By phi on 10th April 2012
hi! it's 1st test only.
By Прохожий on 21st March 2012
Hi, Just test!
By 1 on 24th December 2011
Giving it a try!
On 29th November 2011
hi, does it works?
By nobody on 28th November 2011
What am I doing in Port Augusta?
On 30th September 2011
I've been looking for information I needed for a long time, but only your site has helped me to find it. Thank you very much. I'm sure to tell my friends about you. soft-oem.org
By soft-oem on 22nd August 2011
Forza milan!
By Luca on 18th June 2011
Hello from Riverdale, Geargia! DJ KHALID WE DA BEST!
By D0monique W. on 11th May 2011
By vg on 10th May 2011
Salt Lake City
By John on 10th May 2011
Very Cool!
By rtorzynski on 24th April 2011
On 7th March 2011
hello :)
On 18th January 2011
Hey, Im from Russia!
By alexk on 18th December 2010
I think I broke it by writing too much...
On 16th November 2010
Would be nice (for Ham radio operators) if the compass heading and reciprocal heading between two (2) points could be shown. That way once the straight line distance is found the compass heading as well as the reciprocal heading for that line would also be shown.
On 4th October 2010
On 28th August 2010
Hiya from LA!
By Milton on 29th July 2010
By Milton R. on 29th July 2010
By hii on 22nd July 2010
Hi are you willing to share this?
I would love to use this on my wordpress site.

Very kewl indeed!
On 16th June 2010
I like to use this website even though I just started on October 28, 2009 and I need help to find Westphalia, KS will you help please?
By Jalissa Beachy on 29th October 2009

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