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You can use this distance calculator to find out the distance between two or more points anywhere on the earth. In other words, the distance between A and B. Click once on the map to place the first marker and then click again to position the second marker. The distance between the points will then be displayed. You can also build up a series of locations to find a total distance.

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Upload Coordinates

Please paste in the list of coordinates to add to your route in the text box below:

An important feature of this distance calculator tool is that is "as the crow flies", so traveling in real life will normally involve larger distances, but this may also help those who need to measure off-road distances.

Want to save your route? Try the Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator

How To Use

  1. Zoom and drag the map to find the location of marker 1
  2. Click to place marker 1.
  3. Zoom and drag the map to find the location of marker 2.
  4. Click to place marker 2.
  5. The distance will be calculated then displayed below the map in miles or kilometers. You can change between miles or km at any time
  6. Add as many points as required and the distance will build up.
  7. You can also drag and drop markers after they have been put on the map
  8. To share your route and distance calculation use the option [Generate Link For This Route]. You can then copy the link generated and send this via Twitter or Facebook.


All distances are estimations so Daft Logic does not accept any responsibility that may arise when the value reported is incorrect.

You can move the markers after they have been positioned so you can modify you route on the fly and see how the distance will be effected.


  • Click [Clear Last] to undo the last marker placed
  • Click [Zoom To Fit] to zoom the map around all markers
  • Click [Clear Map] to erase all markers and start again
  • Use the Quick Find text box to quickly relocate the map
  • You can choose between miles and kilometers (km) for the Total Distance readout
  • Click [Show Elevation] to get a chart showing the elevation of your route

How it Works

Clearly you, the user inputs two 'points' that are used to calculate the distance. Calculating the "As the Crow Flies" distance is a matter of using Great Circle formula. Then the main problem is converting the Google Map unit to miles and kilometers.

The map will also automatically save your route in your temporary internet cookies so that you can return and see the route as you last left it. If you ever need to start from scratch then use the [Clear Map] button.

Benchmark Tests

Mary Peters Track in Belfast

Map showing the Mary Peters Track in South Belfast. The reading shows 0.394km which is clearly a reasonable measurement for an athletics track.

Map between New York and Paris

Map showing the estimated distance between New York and Paris. All references that can be found suggest that this is an accurate measurement.

Seven Mile Straight in Antrim

Map showing the Seven Mile Straight in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. This shows a reading of 6.910 miles.

Map between Belfast and Dublin

Map showing the distance between Belfast and Dublin. As far as I can see this is an accurate estimate (if there is such a thing). This trip would be approximately 100 miles by road so the proverbial crow would have less distance to travel.

Relevant Links

Google Maps API

Further Uses and Ideas

  • Show difference in altitude between markers

Version History

Version Date Description of Updates
1.0 29/12/2005 The Beginning
2.0 19/01/2006 Stop post back between clicks
Calculate Mid Point
Zoom to fit feature
More than one marker as running total
3.0 15/06/2007 Move to API v2
Great Circle display and distance calculation
Option to resize map height
3.1 25/09/2007 Added print map option
3.2 01/10/2007 Added Quick Find
4.0 20/01/2008 Added Scroll Wheel Zoom in and out
Complete conversion to API v2
Better Zoom to Fit Functionality
Added crosshairs curser
4.1 21/02/2008 Removed Scroll Wheel Zoom in and out
Added marker drag and drop functionality
Removed Print Option (Ctrl+Print Screen works better)
4.2 10/06/2008 Added Nautical Miles option
4.3 20/10/2008 Added drop down map type option
4.4 17/12/2008 Map saves last position for when you next visit
4.5 04/01/2009 Fixed autopan issue when map is resized
4.6 28/09/2009 Removed Quick Find
Added Google Search bar
4.7 06/10/2009 Brought Back Quick Find!
Removed Google Search bar!
Added Route Autosave via cookies
Added Marker tooltip showing marker id and lat/lng
Added Feet measurement
Added Metres measurement
4.8 08/10/2009 Google Search can now be enabled by a check box
More settings are now saved such as toggle markers, Google Search and Map Type
5.0 31/07/2010 Implemented Google Maps Javascript API V3
Google Search bar at bottom left is not yet available. sorry!
Removed show mid point button
Uses new cookie so any previous systems/settings on your machine will be erased! sorry!
Please report any issues or bugs!
5.1 02/08/2010 Fixed autopan issue when map is resized
5.2 09/08/2010 Updated Quick Find. Now places marker at location
5.3 31/07/2010 Updated Quick Find. Now adds a distance marker upon finding a result unless the user opt's out of this
Updated Quick Find. Now allows enter/return to be hit to cause the search. No need to click the Search button
Updated Quick Find. Now pre-selects text after a search is complete to allow rapid input of multiple locations
Updated Quick Find. If you perform an unattached search (not a distance marker), the search result marker can be easily removed from the map by clicking on that marker
5.4 05/02/2012 Updated Quick Find. Now zooms in to find the location
5.5 14/02/2012 Fixed issue where a marker that had been repositioned retained its original lat/lng in the text that appears during hover over
5.6 15/02/2012 Added new upload coordinates function
5.7 10/11/2013 Removed Google Local Search API (Deprecated)
5.8 22/01/2014 New option added to allow you to share your distance calculator route on Twitter, Facebook or email
5.9 25/01/2014 New option added to show the elevation of your route on a bar chart
5.10 18/11/2015 Implemented a mouseover event so when you hover over the elevation chart, a marker on the map highlights the location
5.11 30/12/2015 Its now possible add a marker to the route midway along the route. You can also delete a marker by right clicking on the dot below the marker

Comments For This Page

Josh, if you click the icon on the map that looks like 4 small tiles, it will switch back to the standard top-down view.
By Daft Logic on 09/02/2016
Where is the option to turn off the 45 degree satellite view?
By Josh on 09/02/2016
Thanks for the kind comments captaininge.
By Daft Logic on 08/02/2016
This is great! Use it when I navigate in the North of Norway. The best ever.
By captaininge on 08/02/2016
Hi Vince, what OS and web browser do you use? Can you try deleting your temporary internet files to see if this helps?
By Daft Logic on 01/02/2016
Everytime I bring up page now it has no map no matter how many times I refresh the page . This has been happening for a few days now. Is there something you guys did recently that changed the way the map loads. Really dissapointed as i use daft logic everyday for work. i am going to have to find different site for mapping now as this one does not work anymore.
By Vince on 01/02/2016
Hi Jim, Can you confirm how you are inputting these coordinates? Which option are you using to add them? Thanks.
By Daft Logic on 25/01/2016
I cannot find distances between two points that share the same latitude south of the equator. For example, I can find the distance between (20n,100w) and (20n,120w) but not the distance between (20s,100w) and (20s,120w). Thanks.
By Jim on 24/01/2016
Thought it was about time I said thank you for this amazing Daft Logic tool... my son and I love working out how long the walk is to school and back etc. And brilliant for working out the length of training runs!
By Alison, Worthing, West Sussex on 22/01/2016
Hi Jay, if you use the Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator, it has a Full Screen option.
By Daft Logic on 21/01/2016
Is it possible to go full screen for the map...? that will save lot of desktop real estate "to do the job".....( both full screen within browser and and with entire desktop can help" ...but, if you can enable "full screen map" within browser...it would be a great help...users can go full screen with local commands if they need to..! I hope it makes sense to other experienced users as well..
By Jay on 21/01/2016
Juaquin, thanks for the feedback. We are sorry you feel this way. I understand you get the best experience when the distance map and all its functions are on the screen at the same time. We are fine-tuning the interface to get the best balance so hopefully it will get better for you.
By Daft Logic on 07/01/2016
Hate the recent interface change. The buttons above and below the map can no longer be seen on the screen at the same time, even when using the small map height, whereas everything previously fit on the screen at the medium height. Terrible decision, and I really wish you'd change it back.
By Juaquin on 07/01/2016
great tool to calculate distance and travel time. I used it for my first historical adventure novel 'Beyond the Bitter Sea, Now using the site to develop my next novel "Requiem for Ani' on 6/09/16
By jgknott.com on 06/01/2016
Is there way to create a new tool that gives you as a result a road map with places you can drive to on a certain measure value. For example: I introduce "Detroit" and as a distance value "100 miles". The result should show a map with all possible routes from the starting point "Detroit" to every end point at a 100 mile distance. this would be awesome.
By ramon on 17/12/2015
loving it! It helps me in school
By umar on 16/12/2015
Hi EDC. Thanks for the comments. We will review your suggestion. In the meantime, you can have multiple routes by using the Advanced Distance Calculator and creating a login.
By Daft Logic on 10/12/2015
Great tool!It's really useful. If possible, would you guys consider add a new route feature as the create new area feature in Area Calculator? Thanks a ton!!!
By EDC on 09/12/2015
love this. such a useful website. Theres so many uses for it
By Max White on 09/12/2015
Hi Norm, thanks for the comments. We will review these.
By Daft Logic on 06/12/2015
Thank you for your great and useful site. I have used it a lot this week plotting lines of sight from Mount Wilson Observatory to Peaks in Mexico. We can see 149 miles on a clear day. I have two requests: Add curvature of earth to be used when sighting distant peaks and a "What is my Horizon?" feature that defines theoretical limit of line of sight from any point. Thanks again, Norm
By Norm on 05/12/2015
Hi Doug, there is no easy way to do this. The distance measurement is always derived form the route. I will look in to this issue and try and replicate it but it could be tricky to get it to reoccur on demand.
By Daft Logic on 04/12/2015
Sometimes when I temporarily leave daft logic and come back at a later time, my total distance has been changed and I have to start over again. Is there a way to type in the amount of distance traveled? ~ Doug
By Doug Wall on 03/12/2015
Hi DaftLogic, The Distances From Point looks great, exactly what what I was hoping for. I presume it's work in progress as the elevation feature is not included as yet. I see that the points are named sequentially in the mouseover label but the map points and measurements list box have no labels to help identify each measurement. Could identifying labels be included if not already on the to-do list? Thanks again for a great app. :)
By Andy on 03/12/2015
Hi Andy, Distances From Point has now been setup.
By Daft Logic on 30/11/2015
Great tool, but since im always annoyed buy those maps drawing circles on flat maps, i would very much appreciate if you could add a function for displaying a radius/reach around a location.
By Hektor on 27/11/2015
Hi,I was wondering why the distance calculator cannot create new route and have several measured distance displayed at the same time, like the area calculator does?
By Edison on 24/11/2015
Daftlogic, thank you so much for implementing the mouse pointer mouseover feature for the elevation, and so quickly! The elevation feature with the mouseover is just so useful to me and I imagine many others for different reasons. I completely understand regarding the additional suggestion and, as you suggest, I'll keep an eye on your Facebook/Twitter accounts for further updates. Again, thanks so much for a great app and for being so in touch with your users. =)
By Andy on 24/11/2015
It is very good idea to measure areas fast.
By Mahrous on 20/11/2015
Andy, regarding point 1, I believe this is a good idea, but would require a new page on its own to segregate this functionality. Adding it to this page would bloat it and make it too confusing for users. This new page is going to take a while to develop so keep an eye on Daft Logic Twitter and Daft Logic Facebook page for updates.
By Daft Logic on 18/11/2015

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