Use a Map To Send a Position

Need to quickly send a map with a position to somebody? Use this tool to locate the position, place a marker and generate a URL that you can then send to somebody else. The recipient then clicks on the link and they will then see the same position and marker.

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This tool can be used to illustrate to someone else a point or place of interest using a web browser interface. The URL generated can be sent to somebody else who will then see the same map that you have saved. The point of the marker and the level of zoom are transferred in the URL. You can always check what the map will look like by coping the URL into a new browser window.

Purpose and Uses

This could come in handy when you want to quickly let somebody know a point or location of interest. For example, if you had a visitor coming to your house or office and wanted to give them an idea of where it is located.

How To Use

  1. Drag and zoom the map until you locate the point of interest
  2. (optional) Click on that point to place a marker
  3. You can then use the URL below to save and send to the person whom you want to see the map


The URL is automatically converted to a shortened TinyURL to make your link shorter.

How it Works

A mix of PHP, Javascript, htaccess redirects and Leaflet Maps.

Relevant Links

Leaflet Maps

Further Uses and Ideas

  • Add text tags to the map
  • Save the window state so that the marker does not have to be centred.

Version History

Version 4.1 (28th October 2018) - Added button to copy to clipboard

Version 4 (27th October 2018) - Switched ot Leaftlet maps

Version 3.2 (16th April 2014) - TinyURL now generates automatically. The URL now contains the map type

Version 3.1 (14th April 2014) - Added map search function

Version 3 (7th December 2010) - Implemented Google Maps API V3

Version 2 (12th October 2007) - Added Map, Satellite and Hybrid buttons. Added Zoom and center button to allow easy navigation.

Version 1 (20th Janruary 2007) - First Send Position system

Comments For This Page

Excellent tool to give directions; instead of a written map. Would it be possible to %u201Cautomatically%u201D copy the link; iPad copy is somewhat difficult.
On 25th May 2018
Car park for railway walk at Wickham
By Dave on 28th March 2017
Simple but very useful. Thanks
On 6th August 2016
On 2nd August 2016
100, 10 st. Maadi
By DR. Tamer Salem on 29th May 2016
Hvis det er muligt, synes jeg skiltet skal stå lige på hjørnet, hvor fodstien ud til Ringvejen starter. Tættest muligt på stakittet og vejskiltet.
By Poulk on 7th October 2015
Vera house
On 10th September 2015
When i am going to tour & After coming to my house location is sending to all friends
By Amol Gopalkrishna Garad on 23rd August 2015
Parking lot
On 5th August 2015
Locatie teren
On 24th April 2015
Doesn't work in terms of showing a point where the address is (link it does for your own location)
On 23rd March 2015
Hi, any chance you can forward me the code?
By Steve on 8th March 2015
nice work
By xavier on 3rd December 2014

Any chance I could use the code?
By Steve on 28th November 2014
Greens' house is marked
On 6th November 2014
perfect tool. thanks
By Roshene, Dubai on 29th May 2014
Here it is
By Alan on 24th May 2014
This is awesome tool! In some next version it would be great to have Copy button that user can click after positioning marker and in that way put tiny url into clipboard. just little bit easier to end user.
Great job, really...
By Jovan on 21st May 2014
This site is very good
By Arvind kumar on 30th January 2014
20/06/2013, unfortunately this cannot be done at the current time.
By Daft Logic on 24th June 2013
URGENT: how can i link a particular location from a list,diplay it on the map and get the details displayed somewhere below the page
On 20th June 2013
Terrific work and thank you. As above, to be able to generate a Lat, Long, position from a marker, or opposite, would enhance the tool.
Thanks again.
By Peter on 31st March 2013
Click on the "Link" icon on the left of the google maps page and you will see the URL for your current map - EASY!
Copy and paste that into a browser and you will return to the same map and view.
By Leon on 7th November 2012
I'd like to be able to jump to a specific Lat/Long.
By John on 18th March 2012
Could I implement this map in a website, it's for a school project and will not stay online longer than a month or 2.
By Luuk on 2nd December 2011
Thanks for offering this service. (But why the **** is Goggle Maps, despite adding dozens of marginal features, still unable to create a shareable link to an arbitrary location on a map?)
By Frustrated at Google Maps on 25th November 2011
Excellent. Kudos to everybody who perceived this.
By Raj on 21st July 2011
Thank you so much! I needed this really badly and was so frustrated with other ways of doing it.
On 17th February 2011
Nice tool to send the information
By dinesh on 22nd June 2010
Just plain awesome! Thanks!
By physco219 on 1st January 2008

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