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Hi Conny, we have no issue with that.
By Daft Logic on 7th December 2023
Hi, we want to use a map we created on the basis of the distance calculator for our chirtsmas card. Is this okay in terms of copyright? We are a non profit sailing team in Germany.

By Conny on 7th December 2023
West 605 feet and south 379 feet and east 389 feet north 669 feet total feet tell me
On 24th November 2023
how to print
On 25th May 2022
ik snap het niet

By bla ba bla on 7th December 2020
What a brilliant tool, especially when it always hits the ground regardless of trees or other objects in the way. I have a line along a drainage channel, Is it possible to display all the altitudes, rather than hover over each one and take a screenshot of each individual altitude?
By JWPiano on 20th June 2020
Patrick, can you explain what you mean please?
By Daft Logic on 5th June 2020
I am not able to send emails.
By Patrick Murphy on 4th June 2020
Hi Aristo, when logging in the username is case sensitive. Can you make sure you use the correct case. A and C...
By Daft Logic on 21st February 2020
Finally, it seems that a dumbo like me cannot get access.
I signed in, got your e-mail verification, activated my account and was happy to start exploring!
But I cannot get access to anything.
I tried to Sign-in again, but your system already has my info and therefore rejects me (it asks me to sign-in under another name).
What did I do wrong, how can I get access in your site?
By Aristo Class on 21st February 2020
When I type in 'Woodland, Maine' a view of Baileyville, Maine always comes up. Baileyville is NOT Woodland. Woodland, Maine is located in Aroostook County. Please fix this error. The state of Maine Supreme court has ruled that Baileyville can NOT use the name 'Woodland'.
On 17th November 2019
I live in Manhattan KS and have used Daft Logic Altitude for 20 years. Since Google purchased Daft Logic altitude, the elevation measurements are off by more than 2% since Google took over. No one can rely on this current tool at all. Reason: Manhattan KS is in a bowl with a large lake above (just like New Orleans). Hydrology is a huge economic factor here when planning any type of infrastructure. Very costly mistakes are made here because of the lack of accurate elevation (altitude) tools for the public and for the city planners. Please revert to the original tool, which was accurate compared to building professionals and state officials. To be candid, your current altitude tool is a disgrace to science and the public.
Please correct this and then use our community as a \"poster child\" to illustrate the economic value of your product to our community and others. 25% of blood pressure cuffs and outdoor thermometers may be off by 15-20% as Consumer Reports has indicated.. We all depend on these products to be accurate. Please do your part for our great society. Steve Pfister
On 12th April 2019
make it easier
On 16th November 2018
Ian, you are right, there is a degree of error introduced because of this. However to counteract the error, each time a corner is 'out' from the real location, the error is the same for each corner, so the net effect is the error cancels out.
By Daft Logic on 28th September 2018
When using the area calculator to measure the area of a building (in plan view), does picking the corners of the roof-top produce accurate measurements? I understand that the pins 'hit a point on the ground' but I'm wondering if, when in plan view, the elevations of the buildings are 'geo-corrected'. I hope this makes sense... I wish I could ask my question in more articulately. Thanks!
By Ian on 27th September 2018
Is there a print option was the surface area is selected?
On 2nd August 2018
Would you consider a control z / undo feature? If there is one- where is it? Thanks - your site is awesome!!
By dbell on 13th July 2018
Hi Daft Logic, I was searching for a tool or method for editing a GE path because there isn't an easy way in GE to do it without repeatedly deleting a 'point', your page was in the search results but I cant seem to find where on your site - are you able to help please?
By Kevin on 25th June 2018
It's found on Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator, below the map on the right hand side.
By Daft Logic on 1st May 2018
How do you snap to roads? I don't see a place to click.
On 30th April 2018
Hi Kathy, it doesn't compensate for it. So yes, there is a risk the user can click on what they think is a building but the point is always from ground level. So its fine to use it, but rememebr your point always hits the ground even if there is a building in the way.
By Daft Logic on 8th November 2017
Love the tool...thanks! One question: Can I use the tool in the birds eye view and still get the accuracy? I am working on golf course area mapping and the picture is much better in this view but skewed. Does your program compensate?
By Kathy on 8th November 2017
Sarah, there is a fixed quota of usage shared between all users. This is reset each day.
By Daft Logic on 8th October 2017
Why does the show elevation tool work only sometimes, and then others you cannot get it to pull up? Is there something I can do differently?
By Sarah on 5th October 2017
Why does the closer map default to an older photo. How do I get the very latest photos?
On 30th August 2017
Hi Sai, please use...

Daft Logic - Google Maps Area Calculator Tool []
By Daft Logic on 29th August 2017
How can i cite this google maps area calculator for reference?
By Sai on 28th August 2017
A batch is one list of values before you click to process. Once you process a list you can add another list (batch) if you wish.
By Daft Logic on 20th July 2017
Your site says: "There is a limit of 100 rows per batch. Any additional rows will be ignored."
My question: What is a batch? Is there a way to start a new batch?
On 20th July 2017
Hi Ed, please get in contact to discuss further.
By Daft Logic on 26th June 2017

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