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Hello, I just discovered the "Find Altitude" site. It's fantastic! Can you tell me where the data comes from and how accurate I should expect it to be?
Many thanks.
By Bob Manning on 11th February 2017
Hi Scott, which page on this site do you refer to?
By Daft Logic on 8th February 2017
Is there any way to download the coordinates for a series of points?
By Scott on 7th February 2017
Hi John, its mean sea level.
By Free Map Tools on 24th November 2016
What are the land heights above - mean high tide or what please?
By John Martin on 24th November 2016
Hi, the page is found at So no s on appliance. I'll do a scan for this wrong link, but if you have found it somewhere, please let us know.
By Daft Logic on 20th September 2016
why doesn't the url work?
On 20th September 2016
Hi, please use Google Maps Find Altitude.
By Daft Logic on 18th August 2016
How can I find my property elevation
By mitch matherne on 18th August 2016
Hi, sorry this isn't possible. The distance calculator is the best bet for this.
By Daft Logic on 17th August 2016
Is there a way to tell the length of each line I have created in the area calculator?
On 16th August 2016
Hi, which page are you referring to? There isn't a single program as such. Instead many separate pages that perform their own function.
By Daft Logic on 23rd May 2016
Where are your directions on how to use this program?
On 20th May 2016

On 11th August 2015
How do I e-mail the screen/map directly to someone else?
On 27th June 2014
PAT, there is no easy way to do this.
By Daft Logic on 27th August 2013
By PAT on 23rd August 2013
does daftlogic area measuring tool account for elevation change across a large area when calculating area
By dani on 25th July 2013
How do you look up public routes?
By Jordan on 2nd June 2012
I Want advance Goole map
By Abdul hanan bazai on 26th May 2012
Trying to determine if Google maps distance calculator is using the NAD83 or NAD 27 system.
By Tom on 26th January 2012
Could you search location by northing and easting?
On 17th January 2012
where is an elevation shown on maps
On 18th October 2010
Printer-friendly would be wonderful!
On 7th April 2010
can I change password
By richard on 10th March 2010
It would be wonderful to be able to print out the maps!
On 10th August 2009
Make maps more printable friendly.
On 28th January 2008

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