Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator

This Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator is the successor to the Google Maps Distance Calculator. This version will allow users to save and reload their routes when they revisit Daft Logic.


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Use search result as a distance marker?

How To Use

Sign Up

  • Click the Create Free Account option at the top right.
  • Type in your username, password and email. Note : Use a loose password as this site is not secure.
  • Click [Submit] an wait for an email to arrive with further instructions.

Login Procedure

  • Click the Login option at the top right.
  • Type in your username and password.

Use the Map

Use the map and place your markers to create a route (as per Google Maps Distance Calculator)

Save New Route

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click [Save New Route] under user options.
  • Type in the name for the route.
  • Decide to make the route public (other people can search for it and see it) or private.
  • Click [Save].

Load a Route

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Click the route name you wish to load under Your Routes
  • Wait for the route to load

Note: You can now edit this route as per normal

Re-Save Existing Route

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Load an existing route.
  • Click [Re-Save Existing Route] under user options.
  • Your route will then be re-saved

Add Notes To Route

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click the notes icon (Add Notes) for the route you wish to add a note to.

Rename a Route

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click the rename icon (Rename Route) for the route you wish to rename.

Delete a Route

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Click the delete route icon (Delete Route) for the route you wish to delete.
  • Your route will be permanently deleted.


Click Logout or simply navigate away from this page

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keybaord shortcus can be used:

  • l - Delete Last Marker - Windows : (Alt+l) - Mac (Ctrl+Alt+l)
  • z - Zoom to fit - Windows : (Alt+z) - Mac (Ctrl+Alt+z)
  • d - Delete a Marker - Windows : (Alt+d) - Mac (Ctrl+Alt+d)
  • t - Toggle Markers - Windows : (Alt+t) - Mac (Ctrl+Alt+t)


  1. All distances are estimations so Daft Logic does not accept any responsibility that may arise when the value reported is incorrect.
  2. You can move the markers after they have been positioned so you can modify you route on the fly and see how the distance will be effected.

Relevant Links

Google Maps API

Future Functionality and Suggested Improvements

Functions that will be added in the future. Please feel free to make suggestions by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

  • See the distance from the starting point at each marker
  • Save the map state along with each route (position, zoom and map type)
  • Show more than one saved route at once
  • Option to stay logged in

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 14/07/2008 First version
1.1 18/07/2008 Added signup and login
1.2 19/07/2008 Added save and load route (page goes live)
1.3 04/08/2008 Added option to delete a route
1.4 16/08/2008 Option to make a route public or private (default is private) & added send route via email option
1.5 01/09/2008 Increased store limit of routes from 135 points to something much larger
2.0 18/01/2009 Email validation on account signup
2.1 18/01/2009 Route validation on save. There must be at least one point of the map and the route must have a name
2.2 29/01/2009 Update to back-end saving mechanism
3.0 22/11/2010 Now uses Google Maps API V3 (inc. new features found in the recent update to Google Maps Distance Calculator such as saving your last route, map position and map settings in a local cookie)
Improved signup procedure - detects if username is already in use
Improved signup procedure - option to request new password
Option to change your password when logged in
Ability to rename a route
Ability to save (re-save) an existing route rather than having to save new routes all the time
Option to save notes for each route
Post your route to Twitter
Post your route to Facebook
Export route to KML option
3.1 29/11/2010 Option to allow a user to delete their account and all data permanently
3.2 20/12/2010 Full Screen Option added. This should allow easy printing. Please Report Bugs!
3.3 14/02/2012 Fixed issue where a marker that had been repositioned retained its original lat/lng in the text that appears during hover over
3.4 10/01/2013 New button to delete any marker
3.5 03/06/2014 New function to show an elevation chart for your route
3.6 18/11/2015 Implemented a mouseover event so when you hover over the elevation chart, a marker on the map highlights the location
3.7 30/12/2015 New method to add new markers to the middle of an existing route
New option - right click on a vertex to delete a point
Various keyboard shortcuts added
Version 3.8 28/01/2016 Improved Full Screen function

Comments For This Page

I've used the DaftLogic route-maker tool before and was able to generate a map with a red line but no dots. With this package (and the non-advanced version I tried earlier) I ended up with the dots obscuring the line. 'Toggling' added or removed large marker points, but the dots remained. How do I create a line on the map without dots?
By John Cossham on 31/05/2016
Hi Sue, what happens when you try to send the route via email? Where does it go wrong?
By Daft Logic on 09/05/2016
I am trying to use the send via email function for the first time. It doesn't work. I have Windows 10 and use Firefox. I love this program and will be excited to see the distances at each toggle with a future update.
By Sue on 07/05/2016
No problem, I'm glad its working.
By Daft Logic on 05/05/2016
Yes that works now, Thanks. I hope I can remember that the next time I use it.
By Daryl on 05/05/2016
35.745,-82.577 should work. Does this help?
By Daft Logic on 05/05/2016
GPS coordinates from USGS Earthquake activity site, here is an example: 35.745N 82.577W It used to recognize them.
By Daryl on 05/05/2016
Hi Daryl , what format of coordinates are you using?
By Daft Logic on 05/05/2016
Why does daft no longer recognize GPS coordinates?
By Daryl on 05/05/2016
Hi all,. how i do to see distance between 2 markers only ? don't exist a txt format with details for each markers ?
By vincenzo on 27/04/2016
I see you have kept the tilt view function :) Yea!! Please, please, please do not remove it like the retular Google Maps has done. It is a very valuable feature. I can't believe Google is deleting features instead of adding/improving them. Bing Maps still has Bird's Eye view for a good reason. Thanks again for this extremely useful site!!
By Marvin on 27/03/2016
the fucsia options can be put on the's more too much below......
On 15/03/2016
Hi, you can input precise locations in to the text box "Search For Location...".
For example 48.8583701,2.2944813 plots the Eiffel Tower.
By Daft Logic on 11/02/2016
Hello How do you plot precise locations within a postcode area? Is there somewhere you can put in co-ordinates?
On 11/02/2016
Google the best
By Ashfaq Dribai on 26/01/2016
Sorry for the delay in reply - this is an example link - - it shows the route from Stockholm to Malmo by train but there is no distance given on Google Maps. Thanks!
By Zulu on 17/01/2016
Hi Alex, thanks for the comments.
By Daft Logic on 14/01/2016
I have just come across this website. The Advanced Distance Calculator is brilliant. I do a lot of walking around Sydney (Australia) mainly along the harbour and the coast. This is a great tool to plan the routes accurately and more importantly to see the elevation profile of the route. Not all the walking members are as fit or as young as we once were and this Calculator is perfect to select which routes suite us and to foresee the direction, distance and the difficulty of the walk. A great tool. I recommend it to anyone walking or cycling.
By Alex on 13/01/2016
Zulu, do you have an example link, so I can check what format it is in?
By Daft Logic on 06/01/2016
Hey man, love this! Not sure how easy this would be, but here's my situation. I use this to calculate routes between train stations on the tracks. Google Maps doesn't give the option to see the distance. In Google Maps I've copied a link to a route I have saved. What I'd like to do is paste that link into a search bar here, the route pops up on the screen and gives the distance. If you could make that happen I would be your biggest fan! Thanks!
By Zulu on 31/12/2015
Marvin, some keyboard shortcuts have been added. Please see the heading [Keyboard Shortcuts] for details.
By Daft Logic on 30/12/2015
dushan / Marvin , thanks for the suggestion. An update has been made to allow a new marker to be added to the middle of an existing route .Let us know if there are any issues.
By Daft Logic on 30/12/2015
A request: The new big buttons are nice, but since there's lots of blank room left and right of the map, could you move or duplicate them there? Maybe it would be even better to be able be to assign keyboard shortcuts to them.. This would eliminate constantly scrolling up and down to get to them when in large map mode. Thanks so much for considering our suggestions. And I second the request for elevation in feet. Thanks again! Marvin
By Marvin on 28/12/2015
Thank you! Will do. I agree with dushan and see that it's in your list of future functionality. Thanks for all you are doing on this site and thanks for listening so well to everyone's comments! It is an awesomely useful map site and your continuous updates are making it even more wonderful. I would be lost without it, no pun intended :)
By Marvin on 28/12/2015
Hi Marvin, Thanks for the feedback. I can also reproduce this, and I do see the correct location on the other side of the city. I will look in to this but in the meantime you could use [3867 N Aviation Way, Greenfield, IN 46140]?
By Daft Logic on 20/12/2015
I have Indianapolis Regional Airport saved in my Routes, and clicking on that always works. But typing Indianapolis Regional Airport in the search box brings up a location 28.101 miles west of there, in Danville Regional Rehabilitation, 255 Meadow Dr Danville, IN 46122. Typing many of my other locations in the search box works just fine.
By Marvin on 19/12/2015
Thanks to DaftLogic, I can plan beautiful cycling routes. However, I sometimes need to insert a marker between two existing ones, in order to fine tune my distance. I wouldbe grateful if you could allow us to insert a marker anywhere and anytime into an existing route
By dushan on 16/12/2015
Thanks for the feedback
By Daft Logic on 16/12/2015
Thanks for that, working well
By Cugel on 16/12/2015
Cugel, thanks for the info. Waterfox is (was) new to me but it looks like a good browser. I see what you mean about the issue. I have since made some updates that should retain the login session longer than it used to.
By Daft Logic on 10/12/2015

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