Area Calculator Tool

Use the Area Calculator Map to draw an area on a map and find out the measurement of the enclosed area. You are also able to save your areas for use later on. Click on the map to start drawing

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Find Location

Current Measured Area

0 m² | 0 km² | 0 acres | 0 hectares | 0 feet² | 0 square miles | 0 square nautical miles

How to Use

  • Search or pan and zoom on the map to find a location
  • Click multiple times around the map to define an area
  • Double click to add the last point and complete the area
  • The calculated area will then be displayed below the map

Touch Screen Devices

To support touch screen devices, we have a full screen map interface. Follow the steps below to use the touch screen map

  • Click the link [Open Map For Touch Screen Devices]
  • Tap on the map to place each node of the area
  • To complete the area double click for the last point
  • The main page will then show the area you have just drawn

Other Options

  • Once the area is drawn, click on a node to remove it
  • You can add multiple areas by starting a new area after one is completed
  • Click [Delete All Areas] to remove all areas drawn
  • Click [Generate KML] to generate a KML file representing the last area drawn. Once you click this option, after a short delay, a hyperlink "Download KML File Here" will appear. From this link, you can download your KML file
  • You can adjust the map size by clicking Small, Medium, Large
  • Click [Export Lat/Lng] to export a list of latitude and longitude coordinates to a text box below the map. You can then copy and paste these to an external system.

Login to Save and Load Maps

You can create an account for free from which you can save and load saved areas unique to you. Click [Create Free Account] to create a new, free account. Once you confirm your email, you will be able to save and load maps while logged in.

Relevant Links

Leaftlet Maps

Future Uses and Ideas

  • Allow multiple areas to be added to a project, saved then loaded afterwards
  • Allow upload a KML file and calculate any areas of polygons inside
  • Allow export of lengths of perimeter sides
  • Allow different color schemes for additional areas rather than just one (+2)
  • The ability to select an area as an entirety and drag it around, copy/clone/duplicate it
  • Option to subtract sub area from main area
  • Saved Areas : Allow them to be loaded or unloaded independently
  • Allow area fill and perimeter color to be changed after the area has been added

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 14/11/2007  
2.0 25/03/2008  
2.1 16/10/2008 Added Terrain map type
2.2 14/12/2009 Added quick find search tool
2.3 21/03/2009 Added acres output
2.4 04/11/2009 Increased maximum size for the Quick Find option
2.5 28/01/2010 Added square nautical miles output. Rounded off all output to 2 decimal places
2.6 22/02/2010 Added square feet output.
2.7 12/10/2010 New option to input points manually by lat/lng pairs.
3.0 01/12/2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3
3.1 19/12/2010 Added option to export to KML (Google Earth)
3.2 17/02/2011 Added option to draw more than one area in the same session
3.3 07/06/2011 Fixed Issue with last polyline not showing on KML output
4.0 08/09/2011 Ability to save areas under user login
4.1 14/12/2011 Added hectares output
4.2 22/12/2011 Added full screen option
4.3 05/02/2012 Improved Search Facility
5.0 12/11/2012 Added perimeter output
6.0 05/01/2013 Default map is now larger
Download KML File Here link has been moved
Added Zoom to Fit button
Fixed bug with perimeter calculation
6.1 29/06/2014 Added option to change fill and line colours
6.2 18/07/2014 Added button [Toggle Markers]
6.3 05/11/2014 Search Function now works when you hit enter
6.4 23/03/2015 New button [Estimate Address] to estimate the address of the map centre point
6.5 15/04/2015 New transparent fill area option
6.6 11/05/2015 Location of marker now displayed when you hover over the marker
6.7 27/10/2015 KML export now includes all areas
6.8 11/11/2015 New option to export list of latitude and longitude to a text box
6.9 14/12/2015 Now displays total perimeter
6.10 06/01/2016 New option to only download the last area as a KML file when you draw multiple areas
6.11 28/01/2016 Improved Full Screen function
Added Keyboard Shortcuts
6.12 16/02/2016 Added new function to delete a marker when you right click
6.13 24/02/2016 Added option to show grid lines on map
6.14 04/04/2016 Updates to print formatting
6.15 02/08/2016 Bug fix : Sometimes area would not delete when click the red X
6.16 21/02/2017 Bug fix : Issue while renaming a saved area. Now resolved
6.17 17/08/2017 Fixed issue with text formatting of notes
6.18 19/10/2017 Area nodes can be added and removed more easily
6.19 05/07/2018 Full Screen mode now displays the current area on screen
6.20 11/08/2018 Google Maps search removed due to costs. Replaced with custom search tool
7.0 03/03/2024 Converted to use Leaflet Maps
7.1 04/03/2024 Support for Touch Screen Devices
7.2 25/03/2024 Added option to remove last node

Comments For This Page

Please, please bring back the old version.
On 18th June 2024
Holy sh*t dude what were yall smoking when you ruined this. I agree with the previous poster I would have paid $20 a year for the old version
By G M on 15th June 2024
I would have paid $20 a year for access to the way it was. For this new version, it's worthless.
On 13th June 2024
This version is complete garbage
On 3rd June 2024
The previous colour scheme of choosing colour based was better, can you please provide both options?
On 22nd May 2024
inappropriate image or diagram cant be deleted, what's the reason, is there any option to do so?
By Khan Malik on 18th May 2024
No longer works with new version
By not happy on 15th May 2024
Please bring back version 6.20
On 9th May 2024
Heed your users feedback and revert back to the old version! As mentioned, this new version is terrible. And not in one of those 'change is bad, but you'll get used to it' ways - It's down right worse then before and makes me not want to use it. A classic case of someone trying to justify their job by making 'improvements', but doing ZERO user feedback investigation before roll out, because no one would vote for this version over the old.
By Dustin on 8th May 2024
Totally useless is the new version, especially without satellite view
On 7th May 2024
the previous version was better
By vittu on 6th May 2024
Now its useless. If your goal was to make something very useful and easy to use and turn it into something quite frustrating and useless then...congratulations. you can just not offer this!
On 4th May 2024
The area calculator no longer works. Not sure if it's my phone or the app. Such a great app for farming. Now it won't work.
On 1st May 2024
The end of an era. Thank you for the many years of the former version and the value it once provided to my work and life. Now time to find something else.
By Josh Mac on 28th April 2024
I only visit daftlogic once a week now, just in case the old version has been restored.

What a very sad situation this is.

On 27th April 2024
wow, ruined perfectly perfect tool, can't see area now
By g on 25th April 2024
Bring back the old version!
On 24th April 2024
Yes you can enter more polygons without pressing a "add more areas" button, but if you try to ammend any node of a a map, it thinks its a new map and enters a new node even though it moves the node that you are editing. then you have a sticky node that you cannot delete which follows you with a dotted blue line. If you try to delete last node, it does strange things and renders your last area obsured out of shape and you then cannot edit it, and you have to re-start again.
By Naeem on 20th April 2024
go back to the way it was, this is terrible!!!!!!
On 19th April 2024
Once you delete all areas you cannot draw any longer, you have to press F5 refresh and start again, also there is no way to do 2 or more areas any more, can we please have the previous version again, even though the distances are great, but funcionality sucks
By Naeem on 18th April 2024
Just give us 2 versions... (the last stable one and this one) the other worked perfectly on mobiles, this one does not, and if you select satelliet, and wish to change back, you caannot, the colours dont work any more etc. etc etc.
By Naeem on 18th April 2024
By Scott Kirby on 18th April 2024
The move to Leaflets API was a massive mistake as next to all functionality across desktop/mobile usage is gone.
By Roon on 17th April 2024
Why on earth (pun intended) would you launch a COMPLETELY NON FUNCTIONAL version?? The previous version was so easy and so helpful. This is useless. The person(s) responsible need to find a new line of work. Xb
On 17th April 2024
Please bring back the old version. If it's not broke don't fix it.
By Craig Kimbrough on 14th April 2024
Apart from all the other comments, with which I agree, the place names are now all in local languages. This makes it impossible to navigate the whole world unless you're familiar with all the languages and alphabet forms of the whole world, so this excludes about 99.99999% of the world population.

The area plotting process is no longer practical for measuring complex or precise shapes and the ability to zoom in or out or make fine adjustments during the plotting procedue no longer exists.
Street view has gone
The zoom in zoom out facility moves only in giant leaps of scale and this together with all the other issues has transformed the Daftlogic area map from the very best map I ever used to the very worst.

On 13th April 2024
Did we time travel back to 2004? This is awful - developers should be ashamed, used to be a great product. Probably Bidenomics
By Sam Jenness on 12th April 2024
the lat/lg waypoint that shows when you hover above the flag is no long there. Neither can you input waypoints anymore.
I'll check back in half a year
On 12th April 2024
this is terrible what happened?
On 12th April 2024
R.I.P Daft Logic
On 12th April 2024

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