List of the Power Consumption of Typical Household Appliances

Turn that TV off if you're not watching it! It's wasting electrically!

How much electricity is it really wasting?, and would it not be better to switch off the 4 lights in the room?

The best way to compare the cost of running different appliances is to look at their power consumption, which is measure of how much power they use in Watts. The following list points out typical values for the wattage of some devices you would find in your home so that you can compare them.

Hint: Use the Search tool on your web browser to find the name of the appliance. As some appliances have various names, this could help find it on the [Other Name(s)] column.

Search for an Appliance

The list of appliances is quite long and has vartions in the name for each appliance listed. You can search for an appliance below.

Appliance Minimum Maximum Standby Other Name(s) References Notes
100W light bulb (Incandescent) 100W 100W 0W [1]
22 Inch LED TV 17W 17W 0.5W
25" colour TV 150W 150W N/A
3" belt sander 1000W 1000W N/A
32 Inch LED TV 20W 60W 1W
42 Inch LED TV 58W 60W 0.3W [1]
46 Inch LED TV 60W 70W 1W [1]
49 Inch LED TV 85W 85W 1W
60W light bulb (Incandescent) 60W 60W 0W [1]
65 Inch LED TV 120W 130W 1W [1]
82 Inch LED TV 228W 295W 0.5W [1]
9" disc sander 1200W 1200W N/A
Air Cooler 65W 80W N/A
Air Fryer 1500W 1500W N/A [1]
Air Purifier 25W 30W N/A [1]
Amazon Echo 3W 3W 2W
Amazon Echo Dot 2W 3W N/A
Amazon Echo Show 2W 4W 0.1W
American-style Fridge Freezer 40W 80W N/A American Fridge Freezer [1]
Apple TV 3W 6W 0.3W [1]
Aquarium Pump 20W 50W N/A [1]
AV Receiver 450W 450W N/A [1]
Bathroom Towel Heater 60W 150W N/A Towel Rail
Ceiling Fan 60W 70W 0W [1]
Chromebook 45W 45W N/A Chrome Book [1]
Chromecast 2W 2W N/A
Clock radio 1W 2W N/A
Clothes Dryer 1000W 4000W N/A Tumble Dryer,Dryer
Coffee Maker 800W 1400W N/A
Computer Monitor 25W 30W N/A [1]
Cooker Hood 20W 30W 0W [1]
Corded Drill 600W 850W N/A Electric Drill [1]
Corded Electric Handheld Leaf Blower 2500W 2500W N/A [1]
Cordless Drill Charger 70W 150W N/A
Curling Iron 25W 35W 0W [1]
DAB Mains Radio 5W 9W N/A Radio
Deep Freezer 19W 19W N/A Chest Freezer [1] 168 Kwh/year
Dehumidifier 240W 240W N/A [1]
Desktop Computer 100W 450W N/A [1]
Dishwasher 1200W 1500W N/A
Domestic Water Pump 200W 300W 0W Shower Water Pump [1]
DVD Player 26W 60W N/A
Electric Blanket 200W 200W N/A
Electric Boiler 4000W 14000W N/A
Electric Doorbell Transformer 2W 2W N/A
Electric Heater Fan 2000W 3000W N/A [1]
Electric Kettle 1200W 3000W 0W
Electric Mower 1500W 1500W N/A
Electric Pressure Cooker 1000W 1000W N/A Pressure Cooker [1]
Electric Shaver 15W 20W N/A
Electric stove 2000W 2000W N/A [1]
Electric Tankless Water Heater 6600W 8800W N/A [1]
Electric Thermal Radiator 500W 500W N/A Thermal Radiator [1]
Espresso Coffee Machine 1300W 1500W N/A Espresso Machine
EV Car Charger 2000W 7000W N/A
EV Home Charger 1600W 3400W N/A
Evaporative Air Conditioner 2600W 2600W N/A Evaporative Cooler [1]
Extractor Fan 12W 12W N/A Bathroom Fan [1]
Fluorescent Lamp 28W 45W N/A Fluorescent Tube Light [1]
Food Blender 300W 400W N/A Mixer,Food Processor,Blender,Juice Blender,Juice Mixer [1]
Food Dehydrator 800W 800W N/A Tray Dehydrator [1]
Freezer 30W 50W N/A
Fridge 100W 220W N/A
Fridge / Freezer 150W 400W N/A
Fryer 1000W 1000W N/A Deep Fat Fryer,Deep Fryer [1]
Game Console 120W 200W N/A [1]
Gaming PC 300W 600W 1W Gaming Computer
Garage Door Opener 300W 400W N/A Electric Garage Door As the door only operates for a short time (10secs?) the kWH value is low
Guitar Amplifier 20W 30W N/A
Hair Blow Dryer 1800W 2500W N/A Blow Dryer, Hair Dryer, Hair Drier
Hand Wash Oversink Water Heater 3000W 3000W N/A [1]
Heated Bathroom Mirror 50W 100W N/A
Heated Hair Rollers 400W 400W N/A Heated Rollers [1]
Home Air Conditioner 1000W 4000W N/A AC,A/C
Home Internet Router 5W 15W N/A Router
Home Phone 3W 5W 2W DECT Telephone
Home Sound System 95W 95W 1W [1]
Hot Water Dispenser 1200W 1300W N/A Instant Hot Water Tap,Water Boiler [1]
Hot Water Immersion Heater 3000W 3000W N/A
Humidifier 35W 40W N/A [1]
iMac 60W 240W 1W
Induction Hob (per hob) 1400W 1800W N/A Induction Stove, Induction Cooking Stove , Electric Cooker
Inkjet Printer 20W 30W N/A Printer
Inverter Air conditioner 1300W 1800W N/A
Iron 1000W 1000W N/A Electric Iron
Kitchen Extractor Fan 200W 200W N/A [1]
Laptop Computer 50W 100W N/A Laptop
Laser Printer 600W 800W N/A
Lawnmower 1000W 1400W N/A
LED Light Bulb 7W 10W 0W Energy Saver Bulb [1][2]
Mi Box 5W 7W 3W Mi Box Android
Microwave 600W 1700W 3W Microwave Oven [1][2]
Night Light 1W 1W 0W
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter 7W 40W N/A
Outdoor Hot Tub 60W 500W N/A Canadian Spa,Outdoor spa [1]
Oven 2150W 2150W N/A Electric Oven
Paper Shredder 200W 220W N/A
Pedestal Fan 50W 60W N/A Tall Standing Fan,Floor Fan,Stand Fan
Percolator 800W 1100W N/A Coffee Maker [1]
Philips Hue Smart Bulb 8W 9W 0.4W Hue lights
Phone Charger 4W 7W N/A Smart Phone Charger,Cell Phone Charger,Mobile Phone Charger
Playstation 4 85W 90W N/A PS4
Power Shower 7500W 10500W 0W Electric Shower [1]
Pressure Cooker 700W 700W N/A [1]
Projector 220W 270W 1W
Refrigerator 100W 200W N/A
Rice Cooker 200W 800W N/A [1]
Sandwich Maker 700W 1000W N/A Sandwich Press, Sandwich Toaster
Scanner 10W 18W N/A
Set Top Box 27W 30W N/A Cable Box,Humax Box
Sewing Machine 70W 80W N/A [1]
Singer Sewing Machine 100W 100W N/A
Slow Cooker 160W 180W N/A [1]
Space Heater 2000W 5000W N/A [1]
Steam Iron 2200W 2500W N/A [1]
Steriliser 650W 650W N/A Sterilizer [1]
Straightening Iron 75W 300W N/A Hair Straighteners,Hair Straighteners
Strimmer 300W 500W N/A
Submersible Water Pump 200W 400W N/A Pool Pump,Sump Pump,Well Pump [1]
Table Fan 10W 25W N/A Desk Fan
Tablet Charger 10W 15W N/A
Tablet Computer 5W 10W N/A [1]
Toaster 800W 1800W 0W [1]
Tower Fan 60W 60W N/A [1]
Treadmill 280W 900W N/A
Tube Light (1500mm) 22W 22W N/A
TV (19" colour) 40W 100W 1W [1]
Vacuum Cleaner 450W 900W 0W [1][2]
Wall Fan 45W 60W 0W
Washing Machine 500W 500W 1W Clothes Washer In the EU, power consumption of Washing Machines is typically given in the form of Annual Power Consumption. This is calculated based on 220 standard washing cycles, made up as follows: 60°C full load (3x), 60°C half load (2x), 40°C half load (2x) for 220 washing cycles.
Water Dispenser 100W 100W N/A [1]
Water Feature 35W 35W N/A
Water Filter and Cooler 70W 100W N/A Water Cooler [1]
WiFi Booster 1W 2W N/A WiFi Repeater,WiFi Extender,Range Extender
WiFi Router 4W 10W 4W Router
Wine cooler (18 bottles) 83W 83W 0W [1]
Xbox One 50W 110W 14W

An important point is also to bear in mind the length of time for which the device will be used. For example an electric blanket may be used for 2 hours, but a hair drier for 5 minutes. Therefore the blanket uses 200W * 2 hours = 0.4kWh. The hair drier uses 2KW * 0.0833hours = 0.1666kWh. So using the blanket costs roughly 2.5 times as much as the hair drier.

All values reported here are estimates, you should check the appliance labels or literature to find out the correct power consumption.

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For those wondering how to use all this - watts (power) is voltage x amperage. To make an easy example, a 100W globe will draw 1 amp at 100 volts.. 2 amps at 50 volts. While this probably doesn't matter to you it will help understand that it doesn't matter if it's referring to 110v or 220/240v countries. The wattage stays the same.

The power company will charge you per kilowatt hour (kWh) . That is the power used for a period time. So the 100W rated globe above needs to run for 10 hours to use 1kw of power. If the company charges 20 cents per kWh then that 100w globe costs you 20 cents to run for 10 hours, 10 cents for 5 hours etc. But a 1000W globe would cost 20 cents for 1 hour (as it draws 10x the power), 10 cents for half and hour etc.

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