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Comments For This Page

The latest update for the area measurements is not very useful. You can no longer create new areas and combine the totals. Is there a way to use the previous tools?
By Nick Budjinski on 19th March 2024
Daftlogic area map is great for getting a quick measurement. The map tools have changed and no longer works? Wondering if this is an issue being fixed or if it%u2019s permanent?
Hope they go back to the previous map and tools
On 5th March 2024
I have used this for years to map runs and walks, depending on my capabilities. It has contributed significantly to my health. Thanks!
By Stephen Miller on 18th November 2023
Why is it when you click 'see all comments' on any of your pages it loads up the field to post a comment but shows no comments of others?
By bluelionman on 27th December 2022
WWWhat happened to the height above sea level page? I liked finding out how high I was, as well as many other lowcations. I was quite surprised to find out my house, and so many other SIGNificant places are 666 feet above sea level. I may have to invest in one of those gadgets you can take with you, because I really want to find out how high "they" where when they had the first Catho Lick mass here in Onterrorio, 1615, at a place called Carhagouha, not far from where I exist. Ps, how are things at the Lodge?
On 11th December 2022
What happened to street views (where available) related to markers? I enjoyed views along city streets/highways using gps marker coordinates. We seem to have regressed from a perfectly good program. Too bad.
By denzil on 11th August 2022
easy to use and fast
On 21st July 2021
Very helpful estimating land area specially for someone like me who eyes for buying a piece of farm property. Greetings from the Philippines & Saudi Arabia.
By Kenneth on 23rd May 2021
I wish that the satellite mapping process was repeated every year always instead of once every 1 to 3 years. Regardless to how much older images taken from the streets would be. For more than a year, I can't tell when new houses, etc are developed in a particular side edge of a city where I'm from but can't go visit. Mainly nearing the mountains finally. But not all are built side by side. So I'm anxious to see if the development has extended another mile or 100 yards or so. So I check time after time, waiting, but can't ever tell whether development has stalled, or if I'm looking at the same mapping from more than a year ago.
On 20th January 2021
Very good sitec for measuring size of buildings

By Martin Uche on 18th January 2021
By YARO on 18th January 2021
la marque
On 19th December 2020
AMAZIIING, i wish i knew this page earlier
By Erick B. on 13th September 2020
The distance calculator is great. I've been using it for years to see how long my runs are. Thanks!
By David on 1st May 2020
Love the Google Maps area calculator. Thank you so much!
By FrankyPanky on 5th March 2020
"website markers seems bugged" - Not sure what you mean?
By Daft Logic on 24th February 2020
website markers seems bugged
On 23rd February 2020
All I want is to serchfor draft tool so I can check for any emails that went direct to Draft
By Barry Chain on 1st November 2019
Very helpful
On 30th October 2019
nice application
By Manikandan on 8th August 2019
Hello daftlogic, thank you for creating this site. Ive been using your projects for years now, but i hope you could add/make a project where you can compare area sizes on same screen. Thanks and more power!
By Mon B. on 24th March 2018
thanks for your early reply to the information requested. it has been very helpful and keep up the good work.
denzil feb 28/2018
On 28th February 2018
denzil, it isn't possible to adjust the pop-up behaviour. It is decimal degrees, so [lat, lng]. We have reduced the number of decimal points on the display as it was far to precise for its purpose. This will make the job of noting the location simpler.
By Daft Logic on 21st February 2018
I am using the 'distance calculator' program. Also is the readout in deg/mins/secs?. thanks for an early response. denzil feb 21/2018
On 20th February 2018
Hi Denzil.
Which page on Daft Logic are you using?
By Daft Logic on 12th February 2018
a fantastic program which I have been using for many years. would it be possible to show longitude/latitude by the marker point for as long as takes for the user to copy. also are the values in degrees/minutes/secs.
By denzil feb 10 2018 on 9th February 2018
Very good page, thaks for the service. Greetings from Argentina
By Facundo Sassou on 7th February 2018
Besheer, get in contact directly and we will look in to this.
By Daft Logic on 3rd February 2018
Hi, the rotate option only appears at certain times. You need to be looking at an area with the correct imagery available. Then get zoomed in close enough for it to become active. Large cities are the most common place it works.
By Daft Logic on 31st January 2018
how do i get the rotation button to pop up to rotate buildings for side views? I've zoomed in like online videos tutorials show and it's not working. Thanks
On 30th January 2018

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