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Daft Logic is a collection of resources, tools and information with no overall theme, except to see what can be done with modern web API's tools and programming languages. The usefulness or even originality is bit hit and miss, but that's not a bad thing.

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Comments For This Page

best app ,simpale & smart
By mak limaye on 20/05/2016
excellent site
On 11/05/2016
Thanks for the feedback Donna, We have added a User option on the main menu bar.
By Daft Logic on 05/04/2016
Great tool ~ make the login page easier to find
By Donna on 04/04/2016
Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback. The redesign was intended to make the site more usable on mobile and tablet devices. If there is anything in particular you could think could be improved such as layout then let us know.
By Daft Logic on 25/01/2016
Like many enhanced new design web pages yours is a step backwards. It is less clear and more difficult to use. It is still extremely useful but more is not better. Simple is better.
By Paul Dearing on 23/01/2016
Extraordinarily helpful. Thank you. I am using the site in a series of an environmental protection efforts in Long Island, NY. .
By Richard Brummel on 11/01/2016
Thanks Daft Logic
On 17/12/2015
Excellent tool when locating high sites for remote antennae on PMR systems.
By Steve on 09/11/2015
By all on 28/10/2015
very useful calculator which i was looking for.
By Nilima on 19/10/2015
Lovely. I really love it. It's so easy to use. Thanks
By Paul Akhilomen on 16/10/2015
use this everyday to track my walking/fitness, thanks a bunch
By Camille on 10/10/2015
Awesome easy to use. Thanks
By Bob on 10/10/2015
I really like it
By omar on 09/10/2015
This website is very much imp for farmers those who want to calculate their farm area,distance from home to farm,
By sudhir on 27/08/2015
On 07/08/2015
Brilliant website. Very useful for farmers.
By Farmer Ryan on 04/07/2015
This is a great and useful website
By Judy on 28/05/2015
thanks for your service
By nouridoussouk on 27/05/2015
silver k loft.i like this one this calculater esay gy distance gps in my racing pigeons
By kamal khan khilji on 30/03/2015
This is such a brilliant site, and I could have so much fun and gain very excellent information while here. Thank you so much.
By Jim Tilley on 13/03/2015
i love this thing!
On 10/03/2015
Yes a good site to get the data for distance and third dimension, But what are the accuracy levels for x,y and Z. relative and absolute.
By mahi on 27/02/2015
What a tool Brilliant for election distance calculation
By Nigel Caine on 26/02/2015
Best software Thanks
By mak limaye on 25/02/2015
The location no longer appears on the map and the distance is not given. What happened? I use this program to find the distance between cities.
By By Loren on a18-02-2015 on 18/02/2015
I've used this before to calculate the altitude where I live....now it's giving me something completely different including the wrong location. Not accurate now for some reason.
By Kathleen Marshall on 29/01/2015
By milind on 23/01/2015
Thank you much --a very useful and easy-to-use site!
By DMS on 16/01/2015

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