The Sandbox is an area where simple ideas can be developed and demonstrated, without the need to guarantee full functionality or usefulness as an application. If any tool in the Sandbox becomes popular, it will then be possible to spend more time developing it and possibly move it in to the Projects area of Daft Logic.

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Google maps milage tracker and or sort through your data to get total amount for specific place
By Tim hercules on 10th October 2018
How about a way to locate artesian wells and/or aquafers. Looking for land that has its own water source. Of course since "big business" does what it wants with waste, no way to gaurantee if water is "healthy". Thanxs
By world recycler on 17th July 2017
Great tool for finding heights of French Alpine cols. Thanks.
By Doreen on 17th April 2017
Great idea - use it everyday
On 30th March 2016
Yeah Nice
By Savo on 16th February 2016
Beenn using area and height tools to check out farm properties before buying - a wonderful resource - thank you so much for creating it!
By David McCarthy on 10th July 2013
How about: given a predetermined center point, drawing a circle of given radius with partially transparent fill color. Additionally, place several such locations and circles of user-determined radii upon the map? I could use it.
By Brian Drysdale, Goodyear, AZ on 28th March 2012
4th, bang tidy!
By Wipe on 18th October 2011
Just for fun: a way to visualize 'the opposite side of the earth.' Click on a location, and the map indicates the polar opposite point on the map....
On 2nd February 2011
Great! More useful site
By Karthi on 13th January 2010
woooohooo first to comment
By Kiff on 16th May 2009

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