Click For Country

Click For Country is intended to illustrate the ability of the GClientGeocoder object to return the address of a location on a map. To use it, click on the map somewhere and if you click on a land mass, you should see the country name appear below the map.


Further Uses and Ideas:

  • Click For Country Game

How it Works

Note: The L.esri.basemapLayer('Imagery') is used because it displays no labels or place names.

var map;
var latlng=[0,0];
var zoom = 2;
var mapDivID = "map_canvas";
var marker;
var messageDIV = document.getElementById("message");

function initialize() 
	document.getElementById(mapDivID).style.cursor = "crosshair";
	map =,{
		fullscreenControl: true,
  		fullscreenControlOptions: {
    		position: 'topleft'
	}).setView(latlng, zoom);
	var openstreetmap = L.tileLayer('https://{s}.'+tileProviderURL+'/{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
		maxZoom: 18,
		attribution: tileProviderAttribution
	var ESRIImg  = L.esri.basemapLayer('Imagery');
	var ESRIImbLab  = L.esri.basemapLayer('ImageryLabels');
	var baseLayers = {
		"OSM": openstreetmap,
		"Satellite": ESRIImg
	var overlays = {
		"Labels": ESRIImbLab,


function addEventMapClicked()
	//Map Clicked Event
	map.on('click', function(event)
		messageDIV.innerHTML="Map Clicked. Searching..";
		console.log("Map Clicked at ";
		//Remove any exisiting markers from the map
		if (marker) 
		//Create a marker then place it on the map
		$.ajax({url: """&lon="+event.latlng.lng+"&zoom=14&addressdetails=1", success: function(result){
			if (result && result.address && 
				//Is there a county name?
				if (cname=="")
					messageDIV.innerHTML="Country Clicked: [None]"; = "red";
					messageDIV.innerHTML="Country Clicked: "+cname; = "green";
				messageDIV.innerHTML="Country Clicked: [none]"; = "red";

function placeMarker(point,maptoadd) 
	var marker = L.marker(point,{}).addTo(maptoadd);
	return marker;

Relevant Links

Leaflet - a JavaScript library for interactive maps

Version History

Version Date Description
Version 1.0 10th January 2008 First Version
Version 1.1 13th February 2009 Fixed G_SATELLITE_TYPE is not defined error
Version 1.2 23rd June 2009 Use var cname=place.AddressDetails.Country.CountryName;
Version 2.0 4th November 2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3. Markers retain county name on hover over.
Version 3.0 18th January 2012 Impemented google.maps.Geocoder() instead of GClientGeocoder()
Version 3.1 5th November 2013 Minor Updates
Version 4.0 10th October 2018 Implemented Leaflet Maps

Comments For This Page

I wish it had borders so you can actually see the country you are clicking on, but overall, I really enjoyed this. Sometimes I know the precise location, but I get it wrong because I was just a tad off because I don't see the borders
On 5th June 2022
I'll only give suggestions for your other stuff and suggestions on some of your pages. The next one I'm giving is in Draw On Map.
By ??? on 31st December 2018
Here's what I found that was wrong:
USA: Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands.
France: Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion, Mayotte
Netherlands: Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire
Faroe Islands is mixed up with Territorial waters of Faroe Islands
Guam is United States of America (Guam) and Northern Mariana Islands is United States of America (CNMI)
China is still called PRC (People's Republic Of China) and not China like in the Find Country On Map Game
Taiwan is still called ROC (Republic Of China) and not Taiwan
Hong Kong is "part" of China (couldn't find Macau)
That's it. I'm officially leaving. Goodbye...
I hoped I've improved your Find Country On Map Game.

By ??? on 31st December 2018
Map goes into error when trying to click to recognize Palestine (Gaza, West Bank)
Also Crimea.
By Mike on 26th June 2015
To localize my cottage
By Adrisse on 14th July 2012
from where we will download your code.. i am unable to run... actually we need click for state on google map same as click for country. Please help!!!!!
By Gagan on 3rd February 2012
mapTypeControl has been removed to make things harder!
By Daft Logic on 19th November 2010
For some reason it doesn't seem to work when you click on Norway. Neither when you click on lakes or the sea.
By Erlend on 17th August 2009
JimBroad, not sure why! I will update (simplify) it. Thanks for the feedback.
By Daft Logic on 23rd June 2009
Why didn't you just use

var cname=place.AddressDetails.Country.CountryName;
By JimBroad on 3rd June 2009
On 18th June 2008

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