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Comments For This Page

The map is working for me but it doesn't calculate the FARE. It simply stays blank. Please help.
On 30th March 2017
Pieter, sending you an email now...
By Daft Logic on 27th June 2016
i want to know how to delete saved areas.
By Pieter Moller on 26th June 2016
Paul, yes that's correct.
By Daft Logic on 27th April 2016
Hi, firstly, great tools! Does the send map position project only use the standard tier maps api?
By Paul on 26th April 2016
Great tools. Does anyone know how to create a map with a circle of a certain diameter (6 miles) drawn around a given location?
By David, Los Angeles on 25th December 2015
I wonder why the spot I search is inconsistent with that I search in (all in satelite view).
the spot is: 40.123461,116.096961
Thanks in advance.
By Jia fengyong on 22nd March 2015
I like using this calculator but is there a way for the balloons to show mile markers as on a running route?
By Bob on 7th October 2014
On Google Earth, the path and linear measurement points do not need balloons and neither does this program. Also, does anyone know how to store and scroll through all your named areas if there are more than three? Mine do not scroll. Is there a bar somewhere?
By williecrash on 19th June 2013
Why does the Google Earth polygon tool report measurements in square *nautical* miles? That only creates a need to then go convert the measurement into normal square miles. Won't you consider changing that, or adding the normal square miles as an output?
On 23rd January 2013
Very good tool to measure your walking or running.
On 10th January 2013
The red balloons drop when you just trying to get to your map an won't remove. At least on mine , i am still trying to get it to work
By Bert o on 10th October 2012
Nice idea, but I find it not user friendly and not sure why the lines are defaulted at a certain distance and the instructions are not clear for me to use. Are there any other instructions or assistance I can get ? not sure how to draw the line points ??

By CH on 14th September 2012
Is it really necessary to place those retarded red balloons on each point selected in the distance calculator. Final result looks like crap and balloons prevent selecting in their vacinity. Bad idea.
On 26th March 2012
Nice work, simple and cool.
By jackobydawg on 8th October 2011
I think the draft logic is real as it can gives you the distances between two places and it help alot as you can know the disatance even before you hit the road
By Billy on 6th July 2011
Very interesting. Can I export the track in gps format?
By Alessandro on 6th August 2009
What an incredible tool! I can find out very accurately all my runs and cycle rides.
By Mark on 27th March 2009
Please provide me with the link to find the drag the map to help myself.
On 18th December 2008
Looks like this could be useful if I could only figure out how to drag the map. Instead I just ended up with pink dots all over the place.
On 15th April 2008

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