Google Maps Guestbook - How Its Made

See the Google Maps Guestbook in action here


This set of files can be used in conjunction with Google Maps to produce an interactive Guest Book for visitors to your website.

Instead of a list of name/email/comments, Google Maps Guestbook has a visual interface where entries to the Guestbook are indicated by a 'Marker' on top of a map of the world


  • Web hosting capable of compiling PHP files
  • MySQL database


Please download the following two files:

Installation and Setup

(1) Setup MySQL database

Use the contents of guestbook-table-schema.sql, or the script below to create a table "guestbook" on your MySQL database

`lat` varchar(30) NOT NULL,
`lng` varchar(30) NOT NULL,
`comments` varchar(255) NOT NULL,

(2) Edit Files

Unzip the files in to a new folder. Edit the contents of the following files...

  • addgbentries.php & findgbentries.php :

Add the details for your MySQL database to replaces the asterisks below

$server = "********";
$user = "********"; ;
$password = "********";
$database = "********";

  • google-maps-guestbook.js - No Edit's Required
  • google-maps-guestbook.php - No Edit's Required
  • GXml.js - No Edit's Required

(3) Upload Files to Web Server

Upload all files to your webserver in the following relative structure:

Google MAps Guestbook Folder Structure

(4) Test

Browse to google-maps-guestbook.php and ensure you see a map of the world with no markers ... yet.

Test the guestbook by clicking on the map and adding an entry.

How To Use

Google Maps Guestbook is intended to be used by visitors to your website.

The interface has a minimal set of options to make the new entry process as simple and as quick as possible.

How it Works:

Guestbook entries are stored in the MySQL database.

Relevant Links

Version History

Version 1.0 (15/12/2005) - Allow visitors to add there comments and save in a mysql DB

Version 2.0 (14/04/2011) - Some updates in between, but finally go round to updating to match the current version

Version 2.1 (31/07/2011) - Update to addgbentries.php ... $doc = preg_replace("/\\\\/","",$doc);

Version 2.2 (02/11/2013) - Minor updates. Add debug option on google-maps-guestbook.js

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