Draw On Map


How to Use

Draw Polylines on a map. You can remove to last line by clicking the Clear Last Line option. You can also wipe the entire map using the Clear Map option.

To change the colour of the lines used, choose one of the colours above.

To close the polygon off simply click on the original marker after two or more lines have been drawn

Version History

Version Date Description
Version 1.0 03/11/2012 First Version
Version 2.0 23/03/2014 Now uses Google Maps API V3 and google.maps.drawing.DrawingManager

Further Uses or Ideas

Save / reload option

Comments For This Page

add a text label option and address search

On 16th May 2021
The Yukon volcano is left to a reservation and is off right of a river from the ocean! A light colored u shape in the middle and round what looks like rim or boarder! like that of what is seen just outside going south of black river falls past the airport area!!
By Diane on 8th March 2020
Volcano mountain in the Yukon.. is the same land twin formation that is in Black river falls along passed the airport and before Fort McCoy on right side where there is a high hilly like area to the right of route 12! This is a U shaped formation with a partial rim like outer area and it's off that roundish land formation on the bottom corner in Wisconsin along the Mississippi! You drive though a high rocky cliffs walled area that's sort of like mead lake in appearance to that same drive through walled spot! it is shaped like one of the volcanoes cones in the Europe!
By Diane on 8th March 2020
By Cruise carnival Washington DC on 20th March 2019
i would love to be able to actually see the borders
On 10th October 2016
firefox 30: where are options and code????
By llomb on 5th July 2014
where's the map? i see nothing.
On 22nd March 2014
mush easy to establish route. .godspeed
On 5th May 2012
On 26th January 2012
calculate the distance
On 12th February 2011
Be useful to show the coordinates as the mouse moved over the map, so you can plot out exactly according to land surveys. Also be nice to enter coordinate and have a point entered on the map for that.
By Chris Joy on 8th October 2010
suggested area
By peter barrett on 9th June 2010
save the coordinates in a file
On 27th May 2010
easy use , shading would be exeptional,
brill stuff
By mdm on 23rd January 2010
mira, it is difficult to provide a block of code to show. It is spread over a few different places.
To explain how it does it: there is an array of points that is used as the storage place of all points. To remove a line, the last entry is popped off the array and then the lines are redrawn, this time one less.
By Daft Logic on 2nd December 2009
hie there, can i have the codes for the method "Clear Last Line"?

thank you
By mira on 2nd December 2009
By sECRET AdMIrE on 13th October 2009
You might enjoy www.scribblemaps.com
By Jonathan on 6th October 2009
can you work out the distance?
On 6th August 2009
i love this
By vivia on 21st May 2009
I love this, it makes mapping out trips so much easier! Although if I can add a suggestion, it would be great if you could type in the cities/post codes etc to pinpoint exactly where it is your going on the map, or to type in an itinerary of the cities you are going and then it maps it out for you.
By Pip on 7th April 2009

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