Google Street View API Code Generator

This utility uses Google Maps and Google Street View to allow you to create custom code (HTML and JavaScript) that includes an embedded Google Street View API object that starts at your defined location.

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How to Use

Type in a location to search for on the Google Map and click search. If nearby Goggle Street View data is found, the Street View object will appear below.

Sign Up for the Google Maps API and get your own key. Input this key in to the text box.

You can then move the Street View to and location and also pan, zoom and tilt the view until you get your required view. Then click the Get Code button to generate the custom code.

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Version History

  • Version 1 (22/09/2009) - Inital version using Google Maps API V2
  • Version 2 (10/11/2013) - Implemented Google Maps API V3

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Very helpful, thank you
By Sam on 2nd September 2011
Thanks alot,
By chiii on 18th September 2010
Thank You!!! It's so much easier this way! Unless I'm a complete dunce (which is possible) and missed it, how come Google doesn't post something like this on their own site?
By Anonymous on 24th February 2010

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