Map Time Zone Converter

The time at the start point is (HH:MM)


Map Time Zone Converter will estimate the time at a point on the earth if you specify:

  • The start point
  • The time at the start point
  • The point where you wish to find the time

Further Uses and Ideas:

none at the present time

Version History

Version Date Description
Version 1.0 17/01/2008 First Version
Version 1.0 13/02/2009 Fixed G_SATELLITE_TYPE is not defined error
Version 2.0 7/12/2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3
Version 2.1 09/02/2010 Added required field for input time
Version 2.2 12/12/2016 Fixed issue with map not loading

Comments For This Page

This gives the wrong conversions for the prairie provinces in Canada.
By Jon Kostyniuk on 27th January 2011
Page updated. Please give feedback!
By Daft Logic on 7th December 2010
this is giving error, check on this please
By Basit on 8th February 2010

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