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The video used is from the North West 200 in Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It shows an unedited lap of the North West 200 circuit which is 8.966 miles long.

How To Use

  1. Click Load Video
  2. Click Pause to pause the video
  3. You can change zoom level or map type during playback

Relevant Links

Google Maps APIs for Web

YouTube ActionScript 2.0 Player API Reference

Wikipedia entry on the North West 200

Further Uses and Ideas

  • Show a line on the map indicating what has been covered
  • Add control to video to allow seeking to a time specified by the user and allow map to update as well
  • Allow user to click on map where they want the video to skip to and it will find the closest match

Version History

Version Date Description
Version 1.0 15/06/2008 Simple version with rough map to video co-ordination
Version 2.0 04/10/2015 Updated to work with Google Maps API V3

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Very Good
On 25th March 2016
This is very neat. It would be awesome if there was an easy way to do this with any video
By B on 1st August 2012

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