Strange Things in Google Earth

Google earth sometimes shows things not quite as they should or in a way that make it hard to identify exactly what is being shown.

Examples of Strange Things in Google Earth

Flying Car here (no longer visible)

Huangyangtan here

Holes in Libya here

If you find anything, then please contact us!

Comments For This Page

I found a sunken plane just off the coast of kenosha in lake michigan
On 8th November 2011
I've seen UFO's on Google Earth
On 28th March 2011
you can see the titanic if u type in the box rms titanic atlantic ocean
By wop woop woy x on 2nd March 2011
rubbish. btw sum were in new york a bird did it's biznes on da camra! lol!
By princess xxx on 14th March 2010
The holes in Libya are circular fields
On 10th August 2008
By Example Name on 28th July 2008

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