HEX Colour Tester

Enter an HEX colour and click [Show]. This tool allows you to preview HEX colors on full screen. You can also compare two HEX colors side-by-side.



This utility allows you to quickly find out how various colours, expressed in hexadecimal format, are displayed on your screen. You can also share the URL to lets others see the same colour.

How To Use

Type in a hexadecimal colour in to the text box.

Click the [Show] button to see that colour displayed.

You can switch to a full screen view of the colour by clicking the Full Screen Button.

Version History

  • 14th December 2020 : Hex text output on Full Screen
  • 30th November 2020 : View two colours on screen at once
  • 2nd February 2011 : First Version

Further Uses and Ideas

  • View two colours on screen at once

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Comments For This Page

whats magenta
On 22nd May 2024

On 22nd May 2024
On 22nd May 2024
{00FFFF}Young {808080}
On 19th May 2024
FF764F. A great shade of orange
By Safiyyai on 15th May 2024
I would love to be able to test text, type in my own word (s) and see it in the hex colour
By HH on 9th April 2024
{#ff0000}Demons Empire
On 22nd February 2024
By :)))) on 23rd January 2024
[#FFFF00]this will make my chat yellow
On 28th January 2022
We have now added RGB Colour Tester
By Daft Logic on 20th August 2021
Love it! Would you be able to add the RGB values too? And a way to link both a top and bottom colour pair?
On 2nd August 2021
Thanks great tool..if you can display hex code under fill screen text for both it will be great helpful i think..
By digitalavinash.onfb on 13th December 2020
JE, we have implemented your idea.
By Daft Logic on 30th November 2020
It would be useful to be able to see two colors side by side.
By JE on 9th October 2020
Great for Hex codes!
By Maria on 12th November 2019
This is really helpful. Thanks :)
By Avi on 8th November 2019
[FF0066] boulet
On 5th August 2019
Simple and effective. Nice one.
By S Dougal on 4th July 2019
On 21st June 2019
Hey its me.
By Duqusus on 27th October 2017
Very useful. Thankyou :)
On 26th October 2017
handy website, thanks for the help
By Sho on 19th February 2017
Thank you! I use this page a lot for my website.
On 16th February 2017
Thank you very much :D
On 18th July 2016
Thanks Lokendra
By Daft Logic on 2nd February 2016
Very very nice site
By Lokendra on 2nd February 2016
very handy page. put it in my favorites, hopefully I will make use of it.
By bill on 14th November 2013

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