YouTube URL Generator

Enter the YouTube URL or video ID

Enter a start time


You can use this YouTube URL generator to construct a URL that will play the video but will automatically start the video at a time that you specify

How To Use

  • Copy the URL from the video in YouTube
  • Specify the start time in minutes and seconds
  • Decide if you want the video to loop
  • Click [Generate] then preview the video before copying the URL
  • If the URL is coorect copy it and use it as necessary.

Version History

  • 27th October 2017 - Output URL now uses HTTPS
  • 27th October 2017 - Now allows more than 2 digits on start time minutes. To allow it to start at over 60 minutes

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This amazing
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Why can't I have it link to channels?
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i think its good editing i like it
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Nice website
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Very good editing
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Cars we can all drive
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Looking so hard
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It doesn't generate

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Cannot generate don't understand.
On 31st March 2022
Nice but can you add a 'stop when
On 21st February 2022
dosent generate

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I cant generate

On 17th December 2021
I cant......Generate.

By Minecraft on 22nd November 2021
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cool editing for my teaching!
By CCSTUDENTTEACHER on 26th October 2021
Hey its totally me
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Nice mix
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Please add start and end time!
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I Love you all
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