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You can use this YouTube URL generator to construct a URL that will play the video but will automatically start the video at a time that you specify

How To Use

  • Copy the URL from the video in YouTube
  • Specify the start time in minutes and seconds
  • Decide if you want the video to loop
  • Click [Generate] then preview the video before copying the URL
  • If the URL is coorect copy it and use it as necessary.

Comments For This Page

end time?
On 30th November 2014
By yes on 15th July 2014
The Comment Section with Cayden Claeys
By Cayden Claeys on 30th June 2014
Wouu gracias me sirvio mucho tenia errores
By Op7Gamer on 28th June 2014
By andii on 15th May 2014
Thanks Johnny, this is now resolved. Also, it can now cope with underscores in the video ID.
By Daft Logic on 14th April 2014
The output designates both the minutes and seconds of the timestamp as minutes (that is, it says "[url]&t=xmxxm" rather than "[url]&t=xmxxs"). You need to change the second "m" to "s"!
By Johnny Yen on 13th April 2014
nice video!
By laurentiu chis on 31st January 2014
WEll...this is the first video... pretty much an intro since it's very slow and boring but i promise the next two will be the best.
By Foofle222 on 11th November 2013
By zainul on 11th November 2013
My first Dj set
On 6th July 2013

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