Online CSV Polyline Encoder

The online CSV polyline encoder can be used to create encoded polylines by inputting points in CSV latitude and longitude format. This is useful when you need to encode a series of points with minimal space such as the Google Static Maps API where a URL can be used to define all parameters including a path. See this for more information.

How To Use

  1. Type in or copy/paste your points in the format...




    .. i.e. lat/lng pairs separated by commas and each new point on a new line

  2. Click the Generate Button
  3. Wait for your encoded polyline to appear in red text below

Version History

Version 1 (16th September 2019)

  • Basic Conversion (may be buggy)

Version 1.1 (2nd September 2010)

  • Added example Google Maps API static image URL

Version 1.2 (7th May 2014)

  • Some minor updates

Version 1.3 (5th May 2020)

  • Added placeholder text to text area


Interactive Polyline Encoder Utility

Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format

Comments For This Page

Hi R, When you say no luck, what do you mean? Are you able to provide the data you input?

or, a cut down version?
By Daft Logic on 18th February 2021
No luck, Google is asking for an encoding to use maps.
By R on 16th February 2021
Does the algorithm take distance between points into account?
I pasted a polygon path generated from an arcgis shapefile which had > 1000 points and the encoded line i get back only has about 10%, ~122 points, in it.
By Martin on 2nd June 2020
It is designed to input a list of lat,lng values and export a single polyline. It does not support MultiPolygons
By Daft Logic on 4th May 2020
Greta tool. I use it regularly.
I have one problem. How do I encode a "MultiPolygon".
It doesnt work if I flatten it.

By Vivie on 4th May 2020
This is freaking amazing! Helped me a lot with testing map
On 3rd October 2019
funciono para mi, ramiro de argentina
By ramiro on 11th May 2015
Thanks Martin
By Daft Logic on 12th September 2014
My last comment: here I placed my utilities which can encode/decode points for Google Maps API. Hope it can be useful for someone as this page for me ;-)
By Martin on 12th September 2014

thanks for LINK! You saved my day! This php script reduced 122974 points to 48660 and I can display my last trip now: ( )
By Martin on 11th September 2014
Hi, please find the PHP class here
By Daft Logic on 10th September 2014
After some research it looks like that your algorithm do some kind of cleaning and removing some points. I personally like this - can you, please, share algorithm which points do you remove from encoded string?
By Martin on 10th September 2014

thanks for great utility. I am trying to run encoding scrip for my project but unfortunately encoded string looks different. I use code from here:

Any ideas why yours is shorter? Would it be possible to share your csv-polyline-encoder.php page please?

By Martin on 10th September 2014
Hi, the preview now has a blue line.
By Daft Logic on 24th June 2014
Saved me a lot of time - thanks!

Can I suggest that line for the static image defaults to blue instead orange? It makes seeing it on a Google Map much easier :)
By Ali G on 22nd June 2014
On 25th April 2014
This is great! Thanks!
By Jake N on 1st December 2012
Hi , tried to make it work , no success
By CHolt on 10th July 2010

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