Convert Milliseconds to Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Last Updated 28th January 2022

This tool will convert from milliseconds to hours, minutes and seconds. Perhaps even days if you push it!



Input milliseconds and find out the conversation to days, hours, minutes and seconds. Useful if you have an output for time in ms and need to figure out how it is represented in more conventional units.

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this was handy

By tester on 7th May 2024
Jump League 9:16 finish
By Goatbux on 30th March 2024
Milliseconds # divided by 86400000

Ex 1881021/86400000 = 0:31:21
By Thousanaire on 4th February 2024
When pasting the conversion doesn't work
By M on 1st February 2024
It'd be nice if you could choose to ignore a unit. As an example, weeks are no use to me, so I'd be better with just years,months,days,hours,minutes,seconds
By Jonas on 10th December 2023
Its very helpful
On 23rd May 2023
Hi Henry, So you are looking for it to stop at a defined unit of time, and instead of carrying over to the next unit up, just keep incrementing? So if the [Stop at a defined unit] was set to Hours, then the hours would keep on incrementing even if goes past 24?
By Daft Logic on 19th April 2023
Can you update convertet to do this: Convert Milliseconds to Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds
By Henry on 19th April 2023
By Midou on 14th January 2023
Thank you, will be bookmarking <3
By GoTTABEFR3SH on 4th December 2022
Very Good. Looks simple but amazing utility. Great!!!
On 2nd December 2022
By Rigo on 30th November 2022
A very useful tool, would be nice if you made it a JS library.
By Ozren on 18th August 2022
Useful tools. Thanks!
On 20th June 2022
great !
By Bhai on 29th April 2022
What is the formula for this?
On 10th March 2022
Can i get the code for this I want to use code plz
On 10th February 2022
what is the math for this?

On 7th February 2022
By Daft Logic on 28th January 2022
1000000000000000000000000 !== 1 sec
Pls fix
By asd on 28th January 2022
OMG! Instant addition to my favourites!
By Joe on 9th November 2021
Thank you
On 27th September 2021
Thank you. This is very helpful to understand logs.
By Sai on 13th July 2021
On 11th June 2021
Good idea. We have now added days, weeks, months and years.
By Daft Logic on 26th March 2021
Would be cool if you can add an option to show weeks, months or years!
On 25th March 2021
It's so good

On 22nd May 2020
Works great..thank you %uD83D%uDE4F
By __Akopsaaskintu__ on 22nd April 2020
On 21st April 2020
Thanks for the tool! Works great!
By Sam on 12th February 2020

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