Convert Milliseconds to Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Last Updated 1st October 2018

This tool will convert from milliseconds to hours, minutes and seconds. Perhaps even days if you push it!



Input milliseconds and find out the conversation to days, hours, minutes and seconds. Useful if you have an output for time in ms and need to figure out how it is represented in more conventional units.

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Thanks for the feedback. Bug accepted. We have just applied a fix.
By Daft Logic on 2nd April 2019
Don't think it works properly once you get days in the mix. 86400000 ms should be 1 day or 24 hrs but it shows 1 Day and 24 hrs
On 2nd April 2019
Nice and simple...
By P on 6th February 2019
great tool
By Tim on 6th February 2019
Thanks! very helpful
On 10th October 2018

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