Convert Caps to Lowercase

OK, what is it?

This tool will get rid of any text that has PARTS THAT HAVE CAPITAL LETTERS.

Use it:

Make first leter uppercase?

How it works:

php strtolower command is used.

Further uses and ideas:

Shift + F3 in MS Word to do the same thing after you have selected the text.

keep the original formatting of the inserted text (the seperation of the text, paragraphs, lines etc).

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On 6th January 2015
Hi, there is a new option to set the first letter of each word back to capitals.
By Daft Logic on 17th December 2014
this is great but I need the first letter Cap and the rest lower how do I do that?

On 12th December 2014
merci! I just saved myself a good 20 mms :)

By Stephanie from France on 20th November 2013
On 11th November 2013
It helped. Many thanks!
By kB on 9th July 2013
saved me tons of re typing ty!!
By Ro-Grrr on 6th July 2013
In Microsoft EXCEL, to convert UPPERCASE to LOWERCASE, the formula is =LOWER(celladdress).

Conversely, to convert LOWERCASE to UPPERCASE, the formula is =UPPER(celladdress).

Comes in handy where data is dumped/downloaded to .CSV (comma separated) files.
By Ryland J on 28th November 2012
Thank you! Thank you! :-)
On 6th November 2012
Thanks a lot
By S. Majumder on 13th July 2012
On 22nd June 2012
On 2nd April 2012
Thanks a million... I really don' want to type all over again this caps :)
By Sree on 28th February 2012
Thank You Very Much...
By Balasundaram. M on 17th February 2012
see this article

There are many other sites that does that. for example:
By Mike on 24th January 2012
Thanks... Love it
On 30th October 2011
On 24th September 2011
Thank's... anyway, more easy if you using this trick:
By nahrafqifahs on 29th March 2011
Superb and Extraordinary saving my time. Thanks a lot.

By Rajesh Kumar.B on 18th March 2011
Very Good Feature

By JC on 19th December 2010
Thanks, accidently typed the whole Pro- Gay marriage petition in caps. xoxoxo
By Brandon Hocothee on 30th November 2010
Thanks alot
By Motaz on 26th September 2010
saved my project, damn my fast typing
By Maria on 27th May 2010
thnx a lotttt

On 3rd March 2010
Thanks, this was a fantastic time saver. Dang you capslock!
By A roleplayer with a too tiny n on 1st March 2010
Easy Way
By GK Thas on 20th January 2010
thanx a lot and it's very handy, saves lot of time
By Rajesh on 12th January 2010
Awesome thanks a lot!
On 12th December 2009
Thank you!!!!!
By Wayne on 18th November 2009
Save a load of time!
By Corey on 17th November 2009

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