Find Country on Map Game

Find Country on Map is a simple game in which you have to click or tap on a map to locate countries. Read the instructions above the map and when asked to find a country you should click on the map where that country is. If you get the answer correct you will then be asked to find another country. Every time you get a country correct you get 1 point.


Randomise Country List

Note : This mode does not qualify for scoreboard



You can zoom the map in for a better view. This will let you pin point areas more precisely.

How to Play

You will be prompted to find a country on the map. Click on the map to indicate where you think that country is located. You can always pan and zoom the map to make finding an accurate place to click easier.

The game ends when you get the location of a country wrong or when you complete the game, you will then be asked to enter your name on to the high score list.

Click on restart game at any time to start again from the beginning.

Difficulty Ranking

This game will record every time someone gets an answer right or wrong. By totalling up these values, it can then be determined which countries are generally harder to find than others. Then, when someone else comes along to play the game they will be presented with easier countries, and as the game proceeds the countries will get more difficult to find.

Therefore, over time this game will have a better difficulty curve that will score players in a fairer way.

This Weeks High Scores

Pos Name Score
3raw egg6

How It Works

Put simply it uses Click for Country, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and Leaftlet Maps.

For any other information regarding this game or if you notice any bugs with it, please contact Daft Logic.

Country Ratings

List of top 10 countries and thier relative rating in November 2018

Country Rating
Australia 95811
United Kingdom 67022
Italy 65849
USA 65224
Canada 62519
Mexico 53612
Spain 51366
Ireland 42924
Japan 41574
France 39821

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 10/01/2008 Basic game created
2.0 12/01/2008 Added high score list
Added Difficulty Ranking feature
3.0 20/01/2008 Scroll wheel zoom function added
4.0 09/10/2008 Scroll wheel zoom function removed
Fixed recent issue that stopped the country identification working
Fixed issue where completing the game did not bring up a prompt to enter your name! Only getting a country wrong would make it appear
Reset high score list
Reset country list (it will now recreate itself automatically)
4.1 15/02/2009 Scores will reset every week
4.2 23/06/2009 Updated code for easier method to find county names
4.3 15/12/2009 Implemented geocoder.setBaseCountryCode('UK'); in attempt to make all country names return in the same language for all visitors.
5.0 10/11/2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3
5.1 15/12/2010 mapTypeControl is now hidden
6.0 18/01/2012 Implemented google.maps.Geocoder() which should give more consistant country names (Local language should not matter)
6.1 20/08/2016 Updates to the User Interface
7.0 12/09/2018 Leaflet maps implemented
7.1 15th September 2018 People's Republic of China (PRC) is now just known as China
7.2 11th October 2018 Bug fix : A click that could not be resolved to a country caused the game to hang. It now asks you to try again.
7.3 3rd October 2019 Minor user interface updates
7.4 21st April 2021 New option to randomise the country list and play the game
7.5 13th August 2021 Game instructions now displayed on map
7.6 8th October 2021 Bug Fix : Moving past the international date line caused issues

Future Ideas

  • When a question is answered wrong, an outline of the country missed (or all the countries ?) is displayed

Comments For This Page

It would be nice to have a mode so that when you get a country wrong instead of having to restart again it simply counts the number of mistakes you make, that way you can try to find all of the countries and then get better on the ones you didn't get. Otherwise you can't even try to guess some of the countries before having to restart or randomize the order countless times
By Ribuzz on 6th February 2024
It was really easy . I wonder how pepole got only to 16 . i got to 31 this week.
By Alessio on 31st October 2023
Turkey would not let me click on it
On 15th May 2023
buggy, very inaccurate game. countries are clicked on but are computed as wrong or dont go through and instead click somewhere else
By tyrone on 2nd December 2022
Hardest thing for me is guessing countries I don't know the names of like:

Solomon Islands
By Bundesliga on 28th July 2022
Turkey broken
On 22nd June 2022
i literally clicked on turkey and it counts it wrong
On 19th June 2022
Very good game. Have a nice day.
By Jackson on 9th January 2022
Awesome game. Nice and smooth implementation. How about a skip function in non-scoreboard mode, so you can skip really small/unkown areas like South Georgia/Montserrat/Kiribati?
On 7th October 2021
Update : Somaliland will no longer appear as a question
By Daft Logic on 3rd September 2021
Somaliland seems to be bugged
On 1st September 2021
Democratic Republic of the Congo should now be working
By Daft Logic on 13th August 2021
The issue with Kashmir has been addressed
By Daft Logic on 13th August 2021
Kashmir doesn't work, it's only recognised as India according to "click for country"
By UlrikHD on 11th August 2021
The issue with Kiribati seems to be that I use Kiritimati Island as a pin for Kiribati, using the more western islands seems to work fine identifying Kiribati.
By UlrikHD on 10th August 2021
or scratch that. Didn't see that you had replied and fixed South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
By UlrikHD on 10th August 2021
The issue regarding islands not having correct hitboxes seems related to the level of zoom you got. Zooming all in on Kiribati or South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands when placing your pin causes you to "miss". Zooming out, the hitboxes reappear it seems
By UlrikHD on 10th August 2021
republic of the Congo seems to be missing, only available is Congo-Brazzaville
By UlrikHD on 10th August 2021
Kiribati seems OK. Issues have been spotted elsewhere, but this one appears to be "good"
By Daft Logic on 10th August 2021
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands should now be working
By Daft Logic on 10th August 2021
Samoa has been causing issues. It has now been removed from the list of "questions"
By Daft Logic on 10th August 2021
suggestion: going fullscreen you should be able to see what country you should locate so that you don't need to go in and out out fullscreen for each pin.
By UlrikHD on 9th August 2021
Checking with clickforcountry, it doesn't register Kiribati, Samoa, American Samoa, etc...
playing with random, your streak is limited by how long it takes before you get an island that don't have a location on the map
By UlrikHD on 9th August 2021
Not sure if all this island issues are already well known, Kiribati is also messed up
By UlrikHD on 9th August 2021
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands also seems bugged
By UlrikHD on 9th August 2021
Placing the pin on Savai'i, Samoa when asked where Samoa is gives you wrong answer
By UlrikHD on 9th August 2021
Great game! I really like it.... Just a thing that I will like to see in the future; When you are wrong, the game will show the borders of every country
By That_themis_guy_from_greece on 13th June 2021
Brilliant! Thank you :)
By Geode on 20th May 2021
Geode, it is now renamed to Somaliland -> this should work.
By Daft Logic on 18th May 2021
Hi Geode, we will look in to this.
By Daft Logic on 18th May 2021

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