Find Country on Map Game

Find Country on Map is a simple game in which you have to click or tap on a map to locate countries. Read the instructions above the map and when asked to find a country you should click on the map where that country is. If you get the answer correct you will then be asked to find another country. Every time you get a country correct you get 1 point.


How to Play

You will be prompted to find a country on the map. Click on the map to indicate where you think that country is located. You can always pan and zoom the map to make finding an accurate place to click more easy.

The game ends when you get the location of a country wrong or when you complete the game, you will then be asked to to enter you name into the high score list.

Click on restart game at any time to start again from the beginning.

Difficulty Ranking

This game will record every time someone gets an answer right or wrong. By totalling up these values, it can then be determined which country's are generally harder to find than others. Then, when someone else comes along to play the game they will be presented with easier country's first, and as the game proceeds the countries will get more difficult to find.

Therefore over time this game will have a better difficulty curve that will score players in a fairer way.

This Week's High Scores

Pos Name Score
4jack teeya13

How It Works

Put simply it uses Click for Country, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and Google Maps API.

For any other information regarding this game or if you notice any bugs with it, please contact Daft Logic.

Country Ratings

List of top 10 countries and there relative rating on 17th December 2015

Country Rating
Australia 66251
United Kingdom 45126
United States 45123
Italy 44875
Canada 42694
Mexico 36664
Spain 34484
South Africa 31535
Ireland 29101
Japan 28603

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 10/01/2008 Basic game created
2.0 12/01/2008 Added high score list
Added Difficulty Ranking feature
3.0 20/01/2008 Scroll wheel zoom function added
4.0 09/10/2008 Scroll wheel zoom function removed
Fixed recent issue that stopped the country identification working
Fixed issue where completing the game did not bring up a prompt to enter your name! Only getting a country wrong would make it appear
Reset high score list
Reset country list (it will now recreate itself automatically)
4.1 15/02/2009 Scores will reset every week
4.2 23/06/2009 Updated code for easier method to find county names
4.3 15/12/2009 Implemented geocoder.setBaseCountryCode('UK'); in attempt to make all country names return in the same language for all visitors.
5.0 10/11/2010 Implemented Google Maps API V3
5.1 15/12/2010 mapTypeControl is now hidden
6.0 18/01/2012 Implemented google.maps.Geocoder() which should give more consistant country names (Local language should not matter)
6.1 20/08/2016 Updates to the User Interface
7.0 12/09/2018 Leaflet maps implemented
7.1 15/09/2018 People's Republic of China (PRC) is now just known as China

Comments For This Page

There's kind of an issue when you're dragging the map, and it says you are wrong, even if you didn't click.
By ??? on 15th September 2018
Manhattan is in New York, which is in USA. There probably is a bug/glitch because no one could get past 2 points, and USA is bugged. I clicked everywhere around USA too.
By ??? on 1st September 2018
I get to USA and I go to Manhattan and click. I didn't know Manhattan was not in the USA...
On 30th August 2018
Hi PowerMove, thanks. We will look in to this.
By Daft Logic on 29th January 2018
Perhaps consider adding a feature where the player can choose whether or not to have country borders turned on. No doubt that makes it easier, but perhaps it is too hard for some of us without them.
By PowerMove on 28th January 2018
what fun; yet so annoying when one is wrong.
By enilorac on 13th August 2017
Boundaries of countries should be added.
By Ahmet ULUSOY on 11th August 2017
El Salvador is impossible
On 9th July 2017
Faroe Islands. I missed here.
By Hamdambek on 22nd May 2017
I got Iceland wrong I think it's there I can't do small countries
By Aryamaan on 19th November 2016
By joe on 11th November 2016
Romania..... I missed Romania and ended at 53.
By Ajay on 27th October 2016
failure is the pillar of success
By GUN on 24th September 2016
On 23rd August 2016
Thanks Berendius . Please feel free to share this game with others!
By Daft Logic on 28th June 2016
Great game!
By Berendius on 28th June 2016
good game
On 31st May 2016
Hi Tarmo, thanks for the feedback. It should now be working.
By Daft Logic on 8th April 2016
Doesn't work in Windows 10 browser Firefox 45.0.1, just blinks once and says 0 points.
Nothing happens in Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.

By Tarmo on 6th April 2016
I am wrong when I arrive to Canada... However, I know very well where it is... (?!?)
By Nettlebay on 24th March 2016
Great game; perfect for learning country locations. The lack of marked borders can make it a little frustrating, for example I narrowly missed Israel, on a score of 54, hitting just above on the border with Lebanon. However, this feature actually probably increases ones detailed learning of the specific borders.
By Cameron on 3rd March 2016
Can't see the question :(
On 8th February 2016
Hi sky, Does the map appear when the page laods? Do you see any text above the map?
By Daft Logic on 7th October 2015
FireFox 40.0.3, enabled all the page, still can't read the instructions nor the question. Even not white-on-white, just they don't appear.
Read all the page, top to bottom: no way.
By sky on 6th October 2015
RadarRecon, sorry, that was a mistake. It should say above the map.
By Daft Logic on 20th September 2015
"Read the instructions below the map and when asked to find a country you should click on the map where that country is."

Okay, I read the instructions and then restarted the game. Where does it ask "find a country"?
By RadarRecon on 19th September 2015
I love it!
On 24th August 2015
Also stuck on Netherlands. Love this game. Please fix this issue so I can continue playing. Thanks!!!
On 28th July 2015
Stuck on the Netherlands. Put my marker right to the east of Ijsselmeer (which is 100% NL) but got kicked out (53N | 530' E). If you still maintain this game (great fun btw. :) ) please correct this issue.
By Ka on 14th May 2015
I used to fly passengers from Honolulu to Sydney. My goodness, where did I drop these people off? I thought Sydney was in Australia....but there is no Australia!!!
By gibby on 29th October 2014

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