Find Number of Days Between Dates

Use calendar controls to find the number of days between two dates.


Input a date in to the first and second calendar then click the button [Find Difference]. The number of days difference will then be displayed.

Use It

Date 1 (newest) :
Date 2 (oldest) :

Version History

Version Date Description
1.0 09/01/2010 Initial version
2.0 29/12/2012 Added restriction to number of characters that can be input in each text box

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Comments For This Page

The calculation for this always shows a minus number, if you want a whole number use "Math.abs" instead of "Math.ceil" in the Javascript
By Ben on 28th December 2012
Another great tool for curious minds. A useful addition would be the ability to enter a newest or oldest date, and a number of days, and have it calculate the opposite date. For example, to find out what date I was three times as old as a relative... Great site regardless. Thanks.
By Tom on 27th December 2010
It would be nice if the calendar control could have a way of changing the year.
By Rick Oden on 29th March 2010

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