Taxi Fare Widget

A widget that provides a simple taxi fare calculation

Due to significant price increases we can no longer offer all functionally. You may find some functions are no longer available or have limitations in use

Choose a country to bias towards:


Time (mins)
Distance (km)
Estimated Fare

Use it Yourself

Download a self-contained HTML page that will load the demo above

Download Taxi Fare Widget

Support and Help

Please note we do not guarantee any support with this taxi fare widget. It is provided as-is and can be used or modified as you see fit. However, we cannot guarantee support while installing and, in particular, modifying it for your own needs. If you wish to get in contact to report an issue, request help (with an understanding there is no guarantees) or discuss custom work to modify it, we would be glad to hear from you.

The top of the Javascript has a number of settings that can be changed to suit your needs:

//ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code, use
var countrycode="GB"
//Rate per km (number)
var rateperkm=1.5;
//Minimum fare (number)
var minimum_fare=3;
//Currrency Symbol
var currencysymbol="£";
//Avoid motorways / highways? true/false
var avoidHighways=false;
//Avoid toll roads? true/false
var avoidTolls=false;
//Show summary? true/false
var showsummary=false;
//Show Route Map
var showroutemap=true;
//Disclaimer text
var disclaimer="Please be aware this is only an estimated fare and the final price will be quoted on request"
//API Key for map
var apikey="API KEY GOES HERE";
//----------End Settings--------------------------------

Google Maps API Key

You will also need to add your own unique Google Maps API key. You can get a key here : You then need to add it to the following line in the HTML file :

<script src=",geometry&key=ADD YOUR KEY HERE"></script> 
and also in the settings:

//API Key for map
var apikey="API KEY GOES HERE";

How it Works

Taxi Fare Widget

The two main components used are part of the Google Maps API : google.maps.places.Autocomplete and google.maps.DistanceMatrixService. google.maps.places.Autocomplete is used to transform the From and To textboxes in to a dynamic place finder. google.maps.DistanceMatrixService is used to take the values in the From and To textboxes and convert them in to an estimated driving route. The driving route will then produce a total distance and estimate journey time. With some other parameters such as minimum price and rate per km, the estimated fare can be calculated.

Relevant Links

google.maps.places.Autocomplete class

google.maps.DistanceMatrixService class

Future Updates

  • Pricing based on a rate table
  • Allow user to add details such as name, phone etc...
  • Notification feature (email?)
  • Option to show map of route

Version History

Version 1.0 (25/05/2015)

  • Page created

Version 1.1 (27/07/2015)

  • Bug Fix

Version 2.0 (04/10/2016)

  • Implemented Static Map To Show Route

Version 2.1 (09/10/2016)

  • New option to select country bias before on-page demo

Comments For This Page

Someone asked if you can set a fixed point - YES. In the 'from' input field html, change the 'value' to the fixed point address, then change the input 'type' to 'hidden', then you have only one input field available to the user for the destination from that fixed point address.
By Steven on 10th July 2021
Hi Guys. Could you add a 'waypoint' to this widget, as in a stop en route?
By Steven on 15th November 2020
Hi Guys - For me, the next level would be for this to be able to have additional stops (pref more than one), are you willing to put this in? I have been using this script of yours for some time now and think it is fantastic. The reason I ask is because most taxi journeys are not from our base to another point, so often there is dead mileage to consider, so having stops to allow for this would give more appropriate pricing. Please, please, please?
By Steven on 28th July 2020
Hi, what have you tried to fix it? What are the errors/problems?
By Daft Logic on 6th November 2018
The Map is not working. how can we fix this please
On 25th July 2018
Grat Job! Thank You.
By Jaspal on 8th April 2018
Jeroen - your point is noted, thanks. It isn't easy to use a mode with shortest distance as #1 priority rather than time. Routing engines are defaulted to time so it takes effort to break out of this mode. Investigations will be made, but to set expectations this could be tricky...
By Daft Logic on 18th January 2018

This is so great ... if only there was a way to get the shortest distance!
Just like Steven said earlier, Taxis are obliged to take the shortest route..
Has anyone figured out how to change this?
Thanks a lot!
By Jeroen on 18th January 2018
Hello, can I have this widget in HTML ? is it possible to customize the fare rates for different cities ?
By Meddy on 23rd October 2017
Can you set a fixed start point?
On 22nd October 2017
Hi Kirsty, we will take your suggestions on board and consider them for any future updates.
By Daft Logic on 11th October 2017
This looks great and the closest to what I have been looking for - just 3 more things I require - Is there a way to add in a stop that will be included in the total calculated price? I would like to be able to enter a promo code to discount the price and also a feature that permits overriding the price. Are any of these variants possible? Thanks in advance.
By Kirsty on 27th September 2017
A. Jones, We have not configured the map to be interactive, only a static image. We may make updates or add new configuration options in future based on feedback from other users.
By Daft Logic on 15th August 2017
This is awesome. Question, how do you make the map movable and not static. It works just fine the way it is but would like to add features!!
By A. Jones on 11th August 2017
Please would it be possible to put in a function to impose the shortest route (shortest distance), as google has a habit of going around the houses and sticking extra miles on. I know that in googles eyes the longer way may be quicker for better roads sometimes, but taxis are obliged to take the shortest route, and in some instances this is loading the price heavily. Please, please, please? Thanks
By Steven on 5th August 2017
I tried to Run this from webserver and it is failing for the image.
Img src for the generated map never displays the static image? It always displays the "image can not be loaded" icon when trying to generate the image. via this:' encodeString '&key=' apikey '"

On 2nd April 2017
How can I resolve the following issue.
Img src for the generated map never displays the static image? It always displays the "image can not be loaded" icon when trying to generate the image. via this:' encodeString '&key=' apikey '"
On 2nd April 2017
Hi Dale, I don't believe it needs a standard key, just the Google Static Maps API enabled. Are you testing it on your local machine? What happens if it is run on a webserver?
By Daft Logic on 25th November 2016
Img src for the generated map never displays the static image? It always displays the "image can not be loaded" icon when trying to generate the image. via this:' encodeString '&key=' apikey '"

I have a standard API key, does this require a PRO key for this functionality?
By Dale Grebey on 23rd November 2016
Jon, we have now added a country bias at the top of this page. This lets you select the countrycode for the on page demo.
By Daft Logic on 9th November 2016
How do I change this to a US map?
By Jon on 5th November 2016
Thanks! Just sent it in.
By Gabriel on 16th October 2016
Gabriel, please contact us via this page : Contact Daft Logic. Thanks.
By Daft Logic on 16th October 2016
Any chance someone can get in touch with me to discuss some custom changes? Would love to talk. Thanks for this widget! Very useful.
By Gabriel on 15th October 2016
Khaled, this has now been added
By Daft Logic on 4th October 2016
Yes, exactly...
By Khaled on 2nd October 2016
Hi, do you mean show the map showing the start point, end point and route?
By Daft Logic on 26th September 2016
hey ! Thank you very much for this widget !
- How to add a map for itinerary ?

By Khaled on 25th September 2016
Hi, can you get in contact directly and explain what you have installed and how it was installed please? If you have a public website where it is installed, please say this address as well. Please Note : We do not guarantee support and only offer help on a best effort basis.
By Daft Logic on 26th August 2016
hello !
I tried it to many tme its not working I paste my code without any space still not working

On 25th August 2016

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