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This script is a means to convert a string of text into an jpg image. This has uses such as displying email addresses that cannot be programmaticly found. This can help to reduce the possibilty of yur email address being picked up by web crawlers and used for junk mail.

How To Use

To use the example interface above, simply modify or insert the string of text and click create. Then right click and save the jpg image that is produced.

To use the php script within a website, you can do the following:-

Instead of producing by using the code <a href=""></a>

This tool can allow

by using the code <img src="exemail.jpg" width="120" height="16">

Further Uses and Ideas:

How it Works:

The PHP Script

Relevant Links

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Very handy!
By Conor on 6th August 2010
excellent email to jpeg tool. Very practical solution. Commended
By d on 6th October 2008

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