Convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees

Last Updated 11th May 2011

This tool will convert to and from Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS) and Decimal Degrees for latitude and longitude measurements.

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Type in a geographic position in DMS or decimal format. Then click the appropriate arrow to convert to its' counterpart. There is also a read-only view to allow the output to be copied and pasted easily.

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Author apparently uses the Formula Degrees Minutes/60 Seconds/3600. This doesn't seem to work in the deep south. Published GPS coordinates for Fish River Reef in Mobile Bay are 30o19.705%u2019, -87o49.830%u2019 This Project returns 30.5125, -85.95278, 113 miles east of actual reef location. Leave off the minus sign before converting but add it after and the results are somewhat better, but still off by 20 miles west-northwest. Actual decimal coordinates are closer to 30.32725, -87.84222
By RJ on 30th May 2013

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