Towers Of Hanoi


Macromedia Flash Mx is used to demonstrate the Towers on Hanoi problem. In this case, the number of pieces to move is reduced from the usual number of 8 discs, as this takes far too long to complete.


The Tower of Hanoi puzzle was invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883.

Further uses and ideas

The next step is to have the option for selecting how may pieces to use : more will be harder / longer to do.

Relevant Links

Recursion 'Super Power' (in Python) with Tower of Hanoi Example

Rules and history of Tower of Hanoi

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24,17, 15, reset, 15,15,15
was drinking. cant be done in less
By Bruce on 11th October 2014
I did it in 10 moves! %u263A
By Victoria on 24th September 2014
On 23rd August 2014
43 first time, then I understood the strategy and 15 moves next time. very easy, how much harder would 1 more disk be ?
By mike lynch on 26th July 2014
By Isaac2002 on 19th July 2014
7 moves with four disk's! 33 moves with 5 though
By Ellie Ollier on 24th April 2014
This game hurts my head I got 17 movies
On 20th April 2014
12 moves in my first game
By saleem on 1st July 2013
please dont comment saying you can do it in under 15 moves its impossible
By auroraghost on 29th May 2013
15, bah, 2 is better ;)
By Gary Glitter on 7th March 2013
15 my favourite number :)
By jimmy saville on 7th March 2013
7 moves like a baws
By a baws on 7th March 2013
Ya done 15 in steps....
By Shaheen Gujjarani on 24th January 2013
in 15
By King Muhammad Faiq Gujjar on 14th January 2013
i need source code of this beautiful game...would u give me
On 1st September 2012
I did a 8 step tower in my head on perfect moves (in my head, in my fantasy, i did not have a tower or paper to work with. I did 15 in 4 step tower in my head first try that took about 5 seconds. Well i am an well known genious.

On 29th August 2012
In 15 on first try. I am almost as smart as the Rise of the Planet of the Apes chimp
On 12th August 2012
in 15 moves i did
By Chaudry Muhammad Faiq Gujjar on 9th May 2012
Darn so hard
I can only do in 17 moves
By OhIHateThis on 29th April 2012
15 moves on my first try
By andrew on 15th March 2012
15 moves

By peter on 10th March 2012
"did it in 10 moves" = something said by someone who is a troll and just wants to make people angry by making it seem like they were serious when the only reason they said that was to bring out the anger in people.
By common sense lol on 24th February 2012
did it in 17 moves the first time and got it in 15 the next. i was intrigued of this puzzle when it was showed in the rise of the planets of the apes movie. lol
By chabs on 24th January 2012
15 moves^^
On 9th January 2012
i did it in 10 moves

On 4th January 2012
haha think its easy, try 64 disks like the ancient priests from the legend of this game..... it would be 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 moves for that many disks, taking more than 580 billion years to complete if you never messed up and moved a disk per second!
By not a geek on 1st January 2012
15 moves
It's impossible do better!!!
On 29th December 2011
Perfect is 15 moves, for you idiots saying you did it in 10, you are lying.
On 17th November 2011
lol u are all so weak, i did it in 10 moves. hahaha.
By nobody on 16th November 2011
lol u are all so weak, i did it in 10 moves. hahaha.
By nobody on 16th November 2011

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