Rotate Cube


Drag the Cube to move it

Drag the outside of the Cube to spin it

Click the cube to stop it

Further uses and ideas:


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By mester fingas on 28th October 2013
good to put all my family photos AND USE IT AS SCREEN SAVER
By Julius M muindi on 26th March 2012
On 25/05/2011, Unfortunately not.
By Daft Logic on 25th May 2011
can u upload ur own pics
On 25th May 2011
how to do???

On 30th April 2011
I second the idea of adding the option for your own pictures and of hyperlinking and would add the idea of having the cube autorotate to specifications set by whoever embedded it or having the controls to the cube separate from the cube.

What did you write this using?
By Tim on 16th November 2010
perso,je cherche utiliser un effet rotating cube pour mes montages de films,je suis un particulier.
By on 1st June 2010
Allow to add own pictures, good for people in office with no work, and kids. A guess option will be great, should stop rotating after sometime...Like a roullette

On 10th September 2009
yes description of the project would be great!
By MKBT on 8th August 2009
How about as a screen saver with your own pics on it?
By TRK on 16th July 2009
It would be so good to have hyperlinks from each face of the cube, as as to use the cube for navigating a site etc...
On 26th July 2008
I also would like to be able to upload some pics and create my own cube.

It would also be cool if the one could set a default rotation speed so when the cube is first viewed it would already be spinning slowly.
By Frank on 2nd June 2008
a nice update would allow the user to upload their own pics and then to download this to their own site.
By physco219 on 1st January 2008

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