Bouncing Ball


This started of as an idea of making a circle(ball) act like one would in the real world. Things such as gravity / friction / reaction on contact with wall are all used here. Macromedia Flash Mx is used to implement the bouncing ball. Other functions and tools were then added in on top of the original.

You how also see the effects of collsions between the balls.

Click on "new ball" to add more balls to the screen and also use the gravity swicth to make the balls float.

Further uses and ideas:

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really good!
On 28th August 2019
By Kiwii Khang on 31st October 2012
so Coolllll . :)
By Khang Kiwii on 31st October 2012
This is cool. The collision detection seems a bit hit-and-miss though (no pun intended).

It would be quite fun to be able to change the amount of gravity, the friction on the walls and the bounciness of the balls.
On 16th November 2010
very nice! well done simple idea but quite fun, would be nice it you could make it to collisiondetection would work when a ball fall vertically.
when you try to throw new ball one after each other then the collision effect doesn't work.
On 6th June 2009

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