Find Routes of Distance X From a Point


This tool can be used to find out where you could travel to from a start point for a set distance. If, for example you wish to see where you could travel to from London, UK with a radius of 100 miles you could find out (See Example).

How To Use

  1. Enter an address. Make sure it is a full address such as 123 Street, Town/City , Country
  2. Enter the distance you wish to travel from that address in miles
  3. Click Search and after a period of time, the map will show all possible routes of that distance

Version History

  • Version 1 (14/10/2009)
  • Version 2 (10/11/2013) - Implemented Google Maps API V3
  • Version 2.1 (25/06/2016)
    • Updates to interface
    • Added Full Screen Option

Further Uses and Ideas

  • Ability to select Multiple initial points

Comments For This Page

Any address and any distance on Chrome or explorer don't appear to work.
The Search button sits at 0% processing
On 31st July 2020
"Enter an address" box has too short of a length limit, and it just sits at Processing 0%.
On 31st August 2019
doesn't work
On 9th August 2018
Thanks Paul D. These have been added to the Further Uses and Ideas list
By Daft Logic on 20th June 2016
great programming, would be very useful if more initial points could be selected and if google map window was full screen sized.
By Paul D. on 16th June 2016
I wish to use the same by Km and by Hours and Minutes
By cqld on 27th August 2014
Love this program. Want to plan a get away and on a bit of a budget both money & time so this will help.
By Pam on 4th October 2013
This tool would be very useful if there was some way to increase the number of paths visible to it. In my case for example it only shows major freeway routes west of my location (93221), despite the fact there are streets going east but the tool does not show it. If it has to take more time, fine - but it needs to show more routes.
By John R on 20th November 2012
good concept, would be brilliant if you could find circular walks or rides locally in the UK using OS footpath information.
By colin T (Oxford UK) on 30th March 2012
It would be nice to see how far one could go in a certain amount of time. Instead of specifying travel distance, specify travel time.

In that case, one would need to have info on average travel speeds for all roads.
By Marcelo on 11th July 2011
Hi, I can see what you mean. There should be more routes than what is shown. The reason for this is that there has to be a limit to the level of accuracy used. In other words how many points are sampled. More points will take more time. Also, as the distance goes up (500miles) then this effect where obvious points are missed becomes more pronounced.
We will look into increasing the number of point sampled but this needs to be balanced with the time the tool takes to complete.
By Daft Logic on 9th December 2009
i tried radius from my location, athens ohio, of 500 miles. it gave me routes north, west and south but nothing East. So it only will show if you can go a full 500 miles in that direction?
On 9th December 2009
Hi, is this script open source?
I would like to use it in a school project.
By Bob on 25th October 2009

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