List Folder Contents

List Folder Contents can be used to report on the contents of a particular folder on your file system. You can report on nested folders.

List Folder Contents Screen Shot

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  • Microsoft Windows
  • .Net Framework 1.0 +


  • Version 1.1 - Current Version - Option to save to XLSX
  • Version 1.0

Download Freeware

Install Procedure

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Run ListFolderContents.exe

Further Uses and Ideas

  • None Yet


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Comments For This Page

Can you confirm you have Excel installed? And if so, which version?
By Daft Logic on 30th June 2018
Thanks for the feedback, we will look in to this.
By Daft Logic on 29th June 2018
Hi, I tried version 1.1 but this produced an unhandled exception, 1.0 worked just fine.
On 28th June 2018
Have been annoyed for decades that since DOS died in Windows there's no direct easy quick way to PRINT or cut&paste a list of the files in a folder. Wonder if this tool can do that?
By Alex on 18th November 2011
doesn't work with new file format - error old type file format
By lilian on 1st May 2011

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