Find Altitude on Map

Determine the altitude (elevation) when a point is tapped/clicked on a map

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Use a map to determining altitude (elevation) when a point is tapped/clicked on a map. You can click/tap ad many times as required to find the elevation of multiple points.

Google Maps Find Altitude

How To Use

  1. Click on the map on a location where you wish to find the altitude
  2. The altitude will be displayed in the message box below the map and when you hover over the marker
  3. You can click to place more than one marker and return to hover over each in order to find out the altitude again
  4. Click the [Clear Map] button in order to remove all markers and start again
  5. Use the search option to find a place
  6. Click on a marker to remove it

You can also access a CSV list of latitude, longitude, altitude in meters and altitude in feet for every marker you place on the map.

Future Updates and Ideas

  • Output in location in UTM Grid coordinates
  • Allow input of location by latitude, longitude coordinates

How it Works

[Under Change]

Relevant Links

Leaflet - a JavaScript library for interactive maps

Version History

  • Version 1 (28/09/2008)
  • Version 1.1 (28/12/2008)
    • Added quick find option
  • Version 1.2 (21/03/2009)
    • Enlarged output text at bottom of map
  • Version 1.3 (04/12/2009)
    • Output now also displayed in feet
  • Version 2.0 (10/08/2010)
  • Version 2.1 (11/08/2010)
    • Added new local search facility
    • Brought back output in feet
  • Version 2.2 (17/08/2010)
    • Added output to CSV option to allow export of latitude, longitude, meters and feet
  • Version 2.3 (31/08/2011)
    • Now outputs altitude immediatly from a search
  • Version 2.4 (07/10/2013)
    • Added scale control
  • Version 2.4 (10/11/2013)
    • Removed Google Local Search API (Deprecated)
  • Version 3.0 (23/11/2013) - You are here
    • Added option to Upload and Plot Addresses with their elevation
  • Version 3.1 (26/10/2015)
    • New option to draw a line between the markers
  • Version 3.2 (18/08/2016)
    • Cumulative distance is now output
  • Version 3.3 (16/10/2016)
    • Clicking on an elevation marker now removes it
  • Version 4.0 (27th September 2018)
    • Switched to Leaflet Maps
  • Version 4.1 (4th October 2018)
    • Search tool added
  • Version 4.2 (4th October 2018)
    • New Elevation data provider

Comments For This Page

doesn't work
On 14th September 2019
It's now showing see level to be - 1,54.96224225603763,-361.53869819623657,-9999.000,-32805.118
That's -9999.000m below sea level and that is measuring a point on the River Tyne at sea level!!
I think you have something wrong somewhere!

On 26th August 2019
The measures are waaaay out. Useless!
On 21st August 2019
This site is A-W-E-S-O-M-E thanks for the altitude tool
By Marco on 7th August 2019
Elevation is always -9999 metres?...
By Martijn on 13th July 2019
My location is 1816 Cannes Dr. 91362 can tell my location attitude
By Bill Waitsman on 9th July 2019
Regret. This site doesn't work.
By Stuart Heasman on 7th July 2019
Elevations have changed . Bad results , useless!
On 7th July 2019
it was possible to visualize contour lines on the map. Now I can't find the option anymore.

I was using your nice tool to convert real world locations to maps for a videogame. I would pinpoint the mountain peaks and valley floors and copy-paste the data produced by the site into a datasheet that would convert it to game coordinates. This requires both the capacity to see mountain tops and valley floors - which requires contour lines - and having an output that can be pasted easily into a datasheet. Your site was the only one that let me do that, and now I can't make it work anymore.

thanks to anyone who can help me.
On 30th June 2019
How to enable geolocalization

By Maria Grazia on 27th June 2019
This site used to be good, now it's useless. Take it down.
On 27th June 2019
When will be the next map update?
By M. V on 25th June 2019
Hmm. This website is terrible. Can't use it on mobile devices. It won't show altitude/elevation of any coordinate you enter. It's useless. Bye.
By Loki on 9th June 2019
Umm, which area/region are you querying?
By Daft Logic on 5th June 2019
Wtf? Every point I click on is: at "-9999.00 m / -32805.12 feet"
By Umm on 5th June 2019
Great tool. With the new altitude provider, it works well... By SM on 27 May 2019

On 27th May 2019
What's happened to this site???
For several months now every "elevation" is at -9999m! Including Mt Everest!
The complaints have been rolling in since at least November 2018, with no acknowledgement from the owners of this site to the problem, and certainly no action to fix the problem.

WAKE UP DRAFT LOGIC!!! You had a great product and it has been allowed to go to crap. Or should I say WAKE UP GOOGLE!

A real shame. This was a fantastic and extremely useful site, now rubbish.
On 23rd May 2019
I used to love that I could type in any address and get the elevation but now that function seems to be broken. The only way to show the elevation now is to zoom in and click a spot on the map.
By Brenda on 19th May 2019
I used to love using this site, but now all I get are negative numbers.
On 5th April 2019
Off by a little less than 300 meters. I tested it on the highest peak in Lebanon, Qurnat as Sawda (34.2978 N, 36.1133 E), which is officially designated at 3080m and marked so on the very map this website uses, and which I have visited numerous times and confirmed elevation with my handheld GPS unit, and yet it shows the elevation at 2713.5m using this map function. 300m deviation? NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!
By Terry Masri on 23rd March 2019
I live in the Ne/Iowa area where the Mo River flooded. This app shows where I am actually lower than the river but I had no worries about being flooded. This app is incorrect.
On 22nd March 2019
Totally on the money with accuracy.
By John Smith on 20th March 2019
Normal operation for 2019. Internet is obviously broken and worthless. Back to using pencils and levels.

On 15th March 2019
Not convinced
On 14th March 2019
any option to change the coordonates 2 many projections 4 many countries
By great on 5th March 2019
No map shown, Nothing brings up a map when clicked on. Entire failure. (google maps works normally, this altitude thing does not work at all.
By Brian on 4th March 2019
Before this Daft Logic altitude finder program was taken over by Google, it was a very accurate tool. Now it completely sucks. I just took elevation measurements on a flat body of fresh water for about 10 points about 50 ft apart, and theses elevations varied by nearly 200 ft. When I last used this program several years ago, the elevations for these same points varied by only a couple of tenths of a foot. A formerly great program is now completely useless
By Rabi on 28th February 2019
I am most definitely not at an elevation of -32,805 feet.......... This site sucks. Find another site to use and don't waste your time on this one.
By Rocky Mountain Resident on 20th February 2019
By johnny neely on 15th February 2019
Worked absolutely brilliant for me. I checked different parts of World for altitudes, this website gave fairly accurate results. Pleased with it.
By Eddie Kumar on 22nd January 2019

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