Find Altitude on Map

Determine the altitude (elevation) when a point is tapped/clicked on a map

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Use a map to determining altitude (elevation) when a point is tapped/clicked on a map. You can click/tap ad many times as required to find the elevation of multiple points.

Google Maps Find Altitude

How To Use

  1. Click on the map on a location where you wish to find the altitude
  2. The altitude will be displayed in the message box below the map and when you hover over the marker
  3. You can click to place more than one marker and return to hover over each in order to find out the altitude again
  4. Click the [Clear Map] button in order to remove all markers and start again
  5. Use the search option to find a place
  6. Click on a marker to remove it

You can also access a CSV list of latitude, longitude, altitude in meters and altitude in feet for every marker you place on the map.

Future Updates and Ideas

  • Output in location in UTM Grid coordinates
  • Allow input of location by latitude, longitude coordinates

How it Works

[Under Change]

Relevant Links

Leaflet - a JavaScript library for interactive maps

Version History

  • Version 1 (28/09/2008)
  • Version 1.1 (28/12/2008)
    • Added quick find option
  • Version 1.2 (21/03/2009)
    • Enlarged output text at bottom of map
  • Version 1.3 (04/12/2009)
    • Output now also displayed in feet
  • Version 2.0 (10/08/2010)
  • Version 2.1 (11/08/2010)
    • Added new local search facility
    • Brought back output in feet
  • Version 2.2 (17/08/2010)
    • Added output to CSV option to allow export of latitude, longitude, meters and feet
  • Version 2.3 (31/08/2011)
    • Now outputs altitude immediatly from a search
  • Version 2.4 (07/10/2013)
    • Added scale control
  • Version 2.4 (10/11/2013)
    • Removed Google Local Search API (Deprecated)
  • Version 3.0 (23/11/2013) - You are here
    • Added option to Upload and Plot Addresses with their elevation
  • Version 3.1 (26/10/2015)
    • New option to draw a line between the markers
  • Version 3.2 (18/08/2016)
    • Cumulative distance is now output
  • Version 3.3 (16/10/2016)
    • Clicking on an elevation marker now removes it
  • Version 4.0 (27th September 2018)
    • Switched to Leaflet Maps
  • Version 4.1 (4th October 2018)
    • Search tool added
  • Version 4.2 (4th October 2018)
    • New Elevation data provider

Comments For This Page

I am most definitely not at an elevation of -32,805 feet.......... This site sucks. Find another site to use and don't waste your time on this one.
By Rocky Mountain Resident on 20th February 2019
By johnny neely on 15th February 2019
Worked absolutely brilliant for me. I checked different parts of World for altitudes, this website gave fairly accurate results. Pleased with it.
By Eddie Kumar on 22nd January 2019
This site was recommended in the instruction leaflet of a weather station. However the altitude is more than 60 metres out from ordnance survey and other sources. Totally misleading.
On 29th December 2018
Totally wrong on elevation. It is truly a useless site.
On 25th December 2018
Compared with previous versions, all the measurements in Alpes-Maritimes just above Nice, France were totally incorrect. I clicked mountain tops, villages with a known elevation. Example: Baou de St-Jeannet is 800m clicking the summit gives 511-514m, almost 300m difference!
On 25th December 2018
Elevation data for my area where right last time I've checked (summer 2018) but today (7 Dec. 2018) they suddenly appear TOTALLY WRONG! I.e. Lycabettus hill in Athens is at 280 m (max) and it appears at 130 (!). Tourkovounia hill in Athens is at 337 m and it appears at 230 (!). Check your data
By John on 7th December 2018
When i chose hole screen unfourtunely the information with heights and so disaper. And in the north west of sweden and norway there is just a big blurr. But overall a realy nice map. Thank you.
By Mathias / Sweden on 5th December 2018
What is the datum for the elevations?
On 29th November 2018
Can u please add terrain map type? Thank you
By marc on 23rd November 2018
Before this Daft Logic altitude finder program was taken over by Google, it was a very accurate tool. Now it completely sucks. I just took elevation measurements on a flat body of fresh water for about 10 points about 50 ft apart, and theses elevations varied by nearly 200 ft. When I last used this program several years ago, the elevations for these same points varied by only a couple of tenths of a foot. A formerly great program is now completely useless
On 22nd November 2018
Map is not matching where I click. Points on the Pacific Ocean can't be 4 meters above sea level just off shore.
By Toshi E on 22nd November 2018
I must be your neighbour i am 32000ft underground also
By Mal on 21st November 2018
Wow, my house is 32,000 feet underground! I should not have an electric bill.
By Underground man on 20th November 2018
Says it's searching, but it's been 2 minutes and it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. This used to work great -- what happened?
By B.D. on 13th November 2018
Works fine for me!
By MR on 13th November 2018
Thanks . Your idea has been added to Future Updates and Ideas
By Daft Logic on 6th November 2018
Please let me place the marking by type the coordinate so its will be more accurate
On 6th November 2018
Excellent update. I'll get used to the minor changes just fine. This page appears to function much faster and more predictably than it did even before your 'troubles' began. I travel by RV all over the western US, and this map has been priceless for me as I can find tiny nooks and crannies that aren't on road maps to explore. The elevation feature helps me understand the days drive in that regard. No more surprises! I really use this map, and am grateful I found it. Please keep up the good work!
By Tom Hughes on 4th November 2018
This website has gone from fantastic and incredibly useful to completely useless. Thanks for updating!
On 2nd November 2018
I've used this site a lot in the past. Now you've completely broken it. Hopefully you can fix it. Thanks.
By Terry on 28th October 2018
Elevations are in reverse. Please fix this.
By Sam on 24th October 2018
uesless web application! -9999
thanks for playing.
By Vmapper on 24th October 2018
This shows my street elevation backwards
I can coast uphill
Try your sreet on map
Palomar bob

By Palomar bob on 23rd October 2018
Dont work today :(
By Ale on 22nd October 2018
Not working for me
On 17th October 2018
I'm getting -9999 meters on St. George Island in Florida.
By Dan on 11th October 2018
Cant get the elevation to show up when clicking
On 5th October 2018
- The page is still titled "Google Maps Find Altitude" even though the map provider is no longer Google Maps.
- It seems certain countries (e.g. Japan) do not have any elevation data. Can you provide more explanation as to which regions are supported and which are not supported?
On 4th October 2018
Why did u broken it? When i place marker it appear after 1 minute or later... I thought it really not work! Please retunt all back.
On 4th October 2018

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