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You can use this distance calculator to find out the distance between two or more points anywhere on the earth. In other words, the distance between A and B. Click once on the map to place the first marker and then click again to position the second marker. The distance between the points will then be displayed. You can also build up a series of locations to find a total distance.

Due to significant price increases we can no longer offer all functionally. You may find some functions are no longer available or have limitations in use

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An important feature of this distance calculator tool is that it is "as the crow flies", so traveling in real life will normally involve larger distances, but this may also help those who need to measure off-road distances.

Want to save your route? Try the Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator

How To Use

  1. Zoom and drag the map to find the location of marker 1
  2. Click to place marker 1.
  3. Zoom and drag the map to find the location of marker 2.
  4. Click to place marker 2.
  5. The distance will be calculated then displayed below the map in miles or kilometers. You can change between miles or km at any time
  6. Add as many points as required and the distance will build up.
  7. You can also drag and drop markers after they have been put on the map
  8. To share your route and distance calculation use the option [Generate Link For This Route]. You can then copy the link generated and send this via Twitter or Facebook.


All distances are estimations so Daft Logic does not accept any responsibility that may arise when the value reported is incorrect.

You can move the markers after they have been positioned so you can modify you route on the fly and see how the distance will be affected.


  • Click [Clear Last] to undo the last marker placed
  • Click [Zoom To Fit] to zoom the map around all markers
  • Click [Clear Map] to erase all markers and start again
  • Use the Quick Find text box to quickly relocate the map
  • You can choose between miles and kilometers (km) for the Total Distance readout
  • Click [Show Elevation] to get a chart showing the elevation of your route

How it Works

Clearly you, the user inputs two 'points' that are used to calculate the distance. Calculating the "As the Crow Flies" distance is a matter of using Great Circle formula. Then the main problem is converting the Google Map unit to miles and kilometers.

The map will also automatically save your route in your temporary internet cookies so that you can return and see the route as you last left it. If you ever need to start from scratch then use the [Clear Map] button.

Benchmark Tests

Mary Peters Track in Belfast

Map showing the Mary Peters Track in South Belfast. The reading shows 0.394km which is clearly a reasonable measurement for an athletics track.

Map between New York and Paris

Map showing the estimated distance between New York and Paris. All references that can be found suggest that this is an accurate measurement.

Seven Mile Straight in Antrim

Map showing the Seven Mile Straight in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. This shows a reading of 6.910 miles.

Map between Belfast and Dublin

Map showing the distance between Belfast and Dublin. As far as I can see this is an accurate estimate (if there is such a thing). This trip would be approximately 100 miles by road so the proverbial crow would have less distance to travel.

Relevant Links

Google Maps API

Further Uses and Ideas

  • Remember auto-pan setting between sessions
  • Show difference in elevation between markers
  • Export a list of all waypoints and show the distance between each

Version History

Version Date Description of Updates
1.0 29/12/2005 The Beginning
2.0 19/01/2006 Stop post back between clicks
Calculate Mid Point
Zoom to fit feature
More than one marker as running total
3.0 15/06/2007 Move to API v2
Great Circle display and distance calculation
Option to resize map height
3.1 25/09/2007 Added print map option
3.2 01/10/2007 Added Quick Find
4.0 20/01/2008 Added Scroll Wheel Zoom in and out
Complete conversion to API v2
Better Zoom to Fit Functionality
Added crosshairs curser
4.1 21/02/2008 Removed Scroll Wheel Zoom in and out
Added marker drag and drop functionality
Removed Print Option (Ctrl+Print Screen works better)
4.2 10/06/2008 Added Nautical Miles option
4.3 20/10/2008 Added drop down map type option
4.4 17/12/2008 Map saves last position for when you next visit
4.5 04/01/2009 Fixed autopan issue when map is resized
4.6 28/09/2009 Removed Quick Find
Added Google Search bar
4.7 06/10/2009 Brought Back Quick Find!
Removed Google Search bar!
Added Route Autosave via cookies
Added Marker tooltip showing marker id and lat/lng
Added Feet measurement
Added Metres measurement
4.8 08/10/2009 Google Search can now be enabled by a check box
More settings are now saved such as toggle markers, Google Search and Map Type
5.0 31/07/2010 Implemented Google Maps Javascript API V3
Google Search bar at bottom left is not yet available. sorry!
Removed show mid point button
Uses new cookie so any previous systems/settings on your machine will be erased! sorry!
Please report any issues or bugs!
5.1 02/08/2010 Fixed autopan issue when map is resized
5.2 09/08/2010 Updated Quick Find. Now places marker at location
5.3 31/07/2010 Updated Quick Find. Now adds a distance marker upon finding a result unless the user opt's out of this
Updated Quick Find. Now allows enter/return to be hit to cause the search. No need to click the Search button
Updated Quick Find. Now pre-selects text after a search is complete to allow rapid input of multiple locations
Updated Quick Find. If you perform an unattached search (not a distance marker), the search result marker can be easily removed from the map by clicking on that marker
5.4 05/02/2012 Updated Quick Find. Now zooms in to find the location
5.5 14/02/2012 Fixed issue where a marker that had been repositioned retained its original lat/lng in the text that appears during hover over
5.6 15/02/2012 Added new upload coordinates function
5.7 10/11/2013 Removed Google Local Search API (Deprecated)
5.8 22/01/2014 New option added to allow you to share your distance calculator route on Twitter, Facebook or email
5.9 25/01/2014 New option added to show the elevation of your route on a bar chart
5.10 18/11/2015 Implemented a mouseover event so when you hover over the elevation chart, a marker on the map highlights the location
5.11 30/12/2015 Its now possible add a marker to the route midway along the route. You can also delete a marker by right clicking on the dot below the marker
5.12 04/04/2016 Updates to print formatting
5.13 09/06/2016 Added yards units of distance measurement
5.14 10/01/2017 The marker will display the distance up to that leg on the route when you hover over it
5.15 23/02/2017 New option to upload GPX files
5.16 21/09/2017 Elevation units changed to feet
5.17 21/02/2018 Location displayed when you hover over a marker now has fewer decimal places
5.18 11/08/2018 Google Maps search removed due to costs. Replaced with custom search tool

Comments For This Page

Thank you for this great free tool, I've used it every time I map out a new kayak or canoe route.

Plenty of people complaining about something that they haven't paid a dime for, you need to check that entitlement. Pretty easy to find any given location without a search if you have half a brain and know basic geography
By Trevor on 14th March 2019
Hi Denzil, there are quite a lot of users using this free resource as normal. It seems the issue you have is specific to your setup in some way. Can you try a different web browser or a different machine to see if it works there?
By Daft Logic on 12th March 2019
it sure is a shame to see such an excellent site go down so fast for whatever reason. there must be a lot of disappointed users out there that feel the same way as I do.
By denzil on 12th March 2019
whatever happened to this site which I have used for many years. now all I get is a blank screen when I call up the map. it is so sad to have the functionality of this site.
By denzil on 10th March 2019
I clicked the 'load the map" button but I still get a blank map area. I am not sure what to do to correct this situation
By denzil on 17th February 2019
denzil, you need to click the [Load The Map] button] to start using it. Can you confirm you click the button first?
By Daft Logic on 10th February 2019
I have used this site for years without any problems. However, of late the map does not show up on the screen so the whole program has become redundant, as far as I am concerned. Is there anyway you could resolve this for me. Thanks and I look forward for a solution.
By denzil on 9th February 2019
Yo. Bro. Boi. add some detail. bye yo
By nun yu on 9th January 2019
The following Zip code is showing somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean however, it is a Zip Code for White Rock, NM. 87547.

By Tiffany on 2nd December 2018
I've been using this site for many years and love it. So simple and easy to use!
Thank you!
By Dave K on 16th November 2018
This really helped me I'm Keliah Gordon and I am 13 years old
By Keliah Gordon on 3rd October 2018
Still does everything I need, great site. F11 and Ctrl sorts the small window issue
By Kip on 19th September 2018
Hello! Do you take requests? I would love it if you would set it to remember the auto-pan setting.

I'd like to go a step further, and suggest that auto-pan should default to off??!! Personally I find that a) it is disorienting to have the map move on me, and b) once place a marker, it's basically a guarantee that that location is the one location on earth that you are not going to want to be in the middle of your view anymore!
On 2nd September 2018
I use this for getting distances for new holes on disc golf courses we take care of. It's surprisingly accurate. Thanks!
On 22nd August 2018
Fantastic site for plotting runs/distances for routes.

Always use it, and the lack of address searching hasn't stopped this being one of most helpful free tools out there!
On 17th August 2018
I use this site several times a week. I am so sad I can no longer tell a distance from one point to another. I know it's free and wonderful. Please reconsider, this site it the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
By Very Sad Patron on 13th August 2018
Oh man! Without elevation and the ability to see the location along the map as you move the cursor over the elevation points, the app has regressed to a fairly standard distance calc. I don't understand how an app feature running on a webserver that takes couple of seconds to run increases the cost. Are we talking a bandwidth limit being reached or the webserver max-ing out? I was proud to have contributed suggestions towards the distance calc that the web dev actually found useful in adding. What a shame it's had to be stripped down. What is the plan for the future? Could/Will any of the disabled features be re-anabled? Tony.
On 6th August 2018
Wow, this nuckle head is defending this free service!
On 3rd August 2018
Wow, listen to these entitled brats complaining about a free service
By Runner1 on 3rd August 2018
Wow, this is pointless now that it does not pinpoint the address.
On 2nd August 2018
There are many other distance calculator sites, and many other versions of me. Yet every single time I choose daftlogic's project? This isn't fate, this is true love. KEEP IT UP!
By By Roy Batty (Played by Rutger on 1st August 2018
Well, this app is useless if its not pointing to the exact location by entering an address!
By Jesse on 1st August 2018
I zoomed to fit and now I have only a small window. How do I get back to the previous larger sized window?
On 31st July 2018
This is a God-spend. I'm writing a book about an asteroid that strikes the earth is three places and I was struggling trying to picture what the damage would do to real geography. With this tool I can realistically describe what happened and where based on blast radius, crater diameter, tsunami targets, everything, Its fantastic.
By Elisius J. Hezram on 28th July 2018
Hello. I have been using your tool for years now almost once a week, no other solution even comes close.
Please consider add a premium option with the features you had to remove due to increased costs.

On 26th July 2018
no longer recognizes a specific address
On 24th July 2018
What changes were made beyond your control that are too expensive? This WAS the best distance calculator and I used to use it on a daily basis. Without the option to search addresses or coordinates, it offers nothing new.
By distantdistant on 24th July 2018
clearing caches/cookies/temp files didn't work. map doesn't load and in the advanced distance tool it will not allow me to select points on the map. :(
On 23rd July 2018
some changes ya rekon cant even search for an address....
this sucks now
On 22nd July 2018
To bad the chart showing the elevation of your route is not available. I will have to find another site to use.
On 21st July 2018

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