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Find Country on Map Game

Last Updated 20th September 2015

How to Play

Find Country on Map is a simple game in which you have to click on a map to locate a country. Read the instructions above the map and when asked to find a country you should click on the map where that country is. If you get the answer correct you will then be asked to find another country. Every time you get a country correct you get 1 point.

You can always pan and zoom the map to make finding an accurate place to click more easy.

When you get one wrong or when you complete the game, you will be able to enter you name into the high score list.

Click on restart game at any time to start again from the beginning.

Difficulty Ranking

This game will record every time someone gets an answer right or wrong. By totaling up these values, it can then be determined which country's are generally harder to find than others. Then, when someone else comes along to play the game they will be presented with easier country's first, and as the game proceeds the countries will get more difficult to find.

Therefore over time this game will have a better difficulty curve that will score players in a fairer way.

High Scores




1rex44 41
2NJH 27
3Hugo 27
4kkk 27
5Nu Blanco 26
6Otto 26
7Erin 26
8stn02 25
9Balazs 21
10RB 19
11M.lise 19
13poo 15
14stn02 15
15Vannes 0
16sally 0
17jhgv 0
19conner 0
20india 0
21nagibator2004 0
22kolopilo 0
23kolopilo 0
24Chantelle 0
2520269 0

How It Works

Put simply it uses Click for Country, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and Google Maps API.

For any other information regarding this game or if you notice any bugs with it, please contact Daft Logic.

Country Ratings

List of countries and there relative rating on 8th September 2014

Country Rating
Australia 48386
United States 33727
United Kingdom 33698
Italy 33689
Canada 32105
Mexico 27811
Spain 25704
South Africa 23770
Ireland 21873
Japan 21425
France 20269
Madagascar 19176
Saudi Arabia 17511
India 16115
Egypt 15870
Iceland 15614
Chile 12781
Argentina 11665
Turkey 10920
Iran 8194
Germany 7902
Greece 7394
China 6866
Kazakhstan 4327
Yemen 3611
Syria 3166
Ukraine 2810
Faroe Islands 2082
Sudan 1833
Panama 1540
Honduras 1422
Albania 1252
Jordan 1129
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1003
Finland 928
Botswana 817
Venezuela 778
Serbia 658
Bulgaria 604
Poland 550
Angola 535
Guatemala 498
Turkmenistan 460
Brazil 434
Austria 430
Libya 413
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) 392
Bolivia 376
El Salvador 360
Peru 356
New Zealand 347
Hungary 323
Romania 301
Antarctica 301
Israel 286
The Netherlands 278
Mongolia 262
Uruguay 255
Colombia 251
Pakistan 248
Niger 221
Greenland 215
Oman 215
United Arab Emirates 210
Mali 191
Morocco 190
Jamaica 190
Belarus 186
Afghanistan 171
Latvia 168
Ethiopia 163
Iraq 153
Slovenia 150
Namibia 149
Gabon 148
Portugal 140
Chad 133
Denmark 129
Nicaragua 124
Indonesia 123
Macedonia (FYROM) 111
French Southern and Antarctic Lands 109
Kenya 103
Mozambique 96
Zambia 96
Dominican Republic 93
Czech Republic 93
Mauritania 83
Bosnia and Herzegovina 82
Somalia 78
Moldova 76
Lithuania 74
Philippines 74
Tanzania 68
Uganda 65
Cape Verde 64
Montenegro 57
Nigeria 55
Kyrgyzstan 52
Algeria 52
Isle of Man 52
Jersey 47
Benin 38
Lebanon 35
Norway 29
Tajikistan 27
Armenia 27
Swaziland 22
Vietnam 22
Nepal 21
Bangladesh 19
French Polynesia 19
Qatar 17
Guernsey 17
Kuwait 16
Sierra Leone 16
Svalbard and Jan Mayen 16
Haiti 16
Uzbekistan 16
Marshall Islands 16
Solomon Islands 16
Bhutan 15
Cuba 15
Maldives 15
Burundi 15
Laos 15
Seychelles 14
Kiribati 13
Ghana 13
North Korea 12
Samoa 10
New Caledonia 10
Malawi 10
Senegal 9
Mauritius 6
Aland Islands 3
St Helena 3
St Vincent and the Grenadines 3
Myanmar (Burma) 3
Zimbabwe 3
Cameroon 3
South Sudan 3
Georgia 3
Suriname 2
Costa Rica 2
Paraguay 2
Sri Lanka 2
Ecuador 2
South Korea 2
Lesotho 1
Puerto Rico 1
Macedonia 0
Guadeloupe 0
Republic of the Union of Myanmar 0
Sint Maarten 0
Palau 0
San Marino 0
São Tomé and Príncipe 0
Trinidad and Tobago 0
Tuvalu 0
Equatorial Guinea 0
Cayman Islands 0
Timor-Leste 0
Bahrain 0
Tonga 0
Caribbean Netherlands 0
Russia 0
Liberia 0
Martinique 0
Malta 0
Cook Islands 0
The Bahamas 0
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 0
Guinea-Bissau 0
Reunion 0
Guinea 0
Saint Helena 0
Rwanda 0
British Indian Ocean Territory 0
Guam 0
Comoros 0
Montserrat 0
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0
The Gambia 0
Vanuatu 0
Togo 0
Malaysia 0
Tunisia 0
Taiwan 0
Azerbaijan 0
French Guiana 0
Croatia 0
Switzerland 0
Kosovo 0
Guyana 0
Burkina Faso 0
Greenland 0
Belgium 0
Kingdom of Sweden 0
Central African Republic 0
Myanmar 0

Version History

Version 1 (10/01/2008)

Version 2 (12/01/2008)

Version 3 (20/01/2008)

Version 4 (09/10/2008

Version 4.1 (15/02/2009)

Version 4.2 (23/06/2009)

Version 4.3 (15/12/2009)

Version 5.0 (10/11/2010)

Version 5.1 (15/12/2010)

Version 6 (18/01/2012)

Previous Comments For This Page

Hi sky, Does the map appear when the page laods? Do you see any text above the map?
By Daft Logic on 07/10/2015
FireFox 40.0.3, enabled all the page, still can't read the instructions nor the question. Even not white-on-white, just they don't appear. Read all the page, top to bottom: no way.
By sky on 06/10/2015
RadarRecon, sorry, that was a mistake. It should say above the map.
By Daft Logic on 20/09/2015
"Read the instructions below the map and when asked to find a country you should click on the map where that country is." Okay, I read the instructions and then restarted the game. Where does it ask "find a country"?
By RadarRecon on 19/09/2015
I love it!
On 24/08/2015
Also stuck on Netherlands. Love this game. Please fix this issue so I can continue playing. Thanks!!!
On 28/07/2015
Stuck on the Netherlands. Put my marker right to the east of Ijsselmeer (which is 100% NL) but got kicked out (53N | 530' E). If you still maintain this game (great fun btw. :) ) please correct this issue.
By Ka on 14/05/2015
I used to fly passengers from Honolulu to Sydney. My goodness, where did I drop these people off? I thought Sydney was in Australia....but there is no Australia!!!
By gibby on 29/10/2014
make a version with borders on, will make it more fun finding small countries
On 30/08/2014
So, Australia is not Australia?
On 10/08/2014
So Crimea's not Ukraine...
On 15/06/2014
I was an international pilot for many years. Just found out that I dropped off many passengers in what I thought was Australia!!! I wonder where I dropped these folks off????
By Gabe on 14/05/2014
chrishna, the boarders are deliberately omitted to make it harder.
By Daft Logic on 03/04/2014
Also, sometimes the cursor got stuck when I was navigating around the map with the hand tool and I couldn't unstick it, so I got dinged with a wrong answer. Sometimes left-clicking it unlocked it but not always.
By chrishna on 03/04/2014
Would be fairer (easier?) if there were lines drawn in for borders. Those countries the size of Delaware are hard to pinpoint topographically!
By chrishna on 03/04/2014
Don't see how people can't get Australia. It works for me.
By Pete on 24/03/2014
Can't get out of the first country Australia Daaah !!!
On 22/03/2014
nice didn't get Turkey cause my ant makes it
By gertrude on 06/01/2014
good game, needs borders including though
On 01/12/2013
Yea. It's stuck on Australia.
On 18/11/2013
There are several faults, including the failure to include all countries, failure to recognise Australia on the first attempt and I think the borders should be inclyded
By l14mh01m4n on 14/10/2013
Um, yeah, It asked me where Australia was. I clicked on Australia and it told me I was wrong. I know where Australia! Need to fix the programming errors. I see from the comments above, others are having the same issues.
On 13/10/2013
I found 91 countries! Wow, I didn't think I was capable of doing that. Is there Russia on this list? Because I didn't get it. And I'm Russian.
By Russia on 04/10/2013
This hasn't happened before. I keep getting "Try again to find...", as if I've clicked the ocean. Maybe after 5 or 6 times I've clicked on the same location it'll work...and then I have the same problem on the next country! Hope this stops soon, I love this game.
By Jared on 04/08/2013
Just tried this game. First question is Australia. So I click on Australia. It just keeps asking me to try again to find Australia. It's not saying Austria. I'm pretty sure I know where Australia is.
On 03/04/2013
Tripped up on Iraq
On 10/03/2013
Oh yeah, high score 38 on second try! Bulgaria tripped me up. I think this game is pretty interesting. Kudos from England.
By Kat on 03/03/2013
Myanmar is wrong :(
On 21/02/2013
I'm clicking on Myanmar, but it says it's not there. I hope that gets fixed...
By Andrew S! on 07/02/2013
I lost on....CHINA
On 22/01/2013

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