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Last Updated 28th January 2015

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This tool allows you to use Google Maps to define an area and then find out the measurement of the enclosed area. You are also able to save your areas for use later on. Click on the map to start drawing an area.

How to Use

  • Click multiple times around the map to define an area
  • The calculated area will then be displayed below the map

Other Options

  • Click [Delete Last Point] to remove the last point clicked
  • Click [Clear All Points] to remove all areas drawn
  • Click [Generate KML] to generate a KML file representing the last area drawn. Once you click this option, after a short delay, a hyperlink "Download KML File Here" will appear. From this link, you can download your KML file
  • Click [Create New Area] to start drawing anew area whilst keeping any existing areas on-screen
  • You can adjust the map size by clicking Small, Medium, Large or Full Screen

Login to Save and Load Maps

You can create an account for free from which you can save and load saved areas unique to you. Click [Create Free Account] to create a new, free account. Once you confirm your email, you will be able to save and load maps while logged in.

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Further Uses and Ideas

  • Enable clicking inside the area
  • Allow markers to be toggled on and off
  • Allow upload a KML file and calculate any areas of polygons inside

Version History

  • Version 1 (14/11/2007)
  • Version 2 (25/03/2008) - Draggable markers added
    • Version 2.1 (16/10/2008) - Added Terrain map type
    • Version 2.2 (14/12/2009) - Added quick find search tool
    • Version 2.3 (21/03/2009) - Added acres output
    • Version 2.4 (04/11/2009) - Increased maximum size for the Quick Find option
    • Version 2.5 (28/01/2010) - Added square nautical miles output. Rounded off all output to 2 decimal places
    • Version 2.6 (22/02/2010) - Added square feet output.
    • Version 2.7 (12/10/2010) - New option to input points manually by lat/lng pairs.
  • Version 3 (01/12/2010) - Implemented Google Maps API V3
    • Version 3.1 (19/12/2010) - Added option to export to KML (Google Earth)
    • Version 3.2 (17/02/2011) - Added option to draw more than one area in the same session
    • Version 3.3 (07/06/2011) - Fixed Issue with last polyline not showing on KML output
  • Version 4 (08/09/2011) - Ability to save areas under user login
    • Version 4.1 (14/12/2011) - Added hectares output
    • Version 4.2 (22/12/2011) - Added full screen option
    • Version 4.3 (05/02/2012) - Improved Search Facility
  • Version 5 (12/11/2012) - Added perimeter output
  • Version 6 (05/01/2013)
    • Default map is now larger
    • Download KML File Here link has been moved
    • Added Zoom to Fit button
    • Fixed bug with perimeter calculation
  • Version 6.1 (29/06/2014) - Added option to change fill and line colours
  • Version 6.2 (18/07/2014) - Added button [Toggle Markers]
  • Version 6.3 (05/11/2014) - Search Function now works when you hit enter

Previous Comments For This Page

I retract my below statement on miles.
On 26/02/2015
I would like to know why the midwest is calculated as over 800 billion square miles.
On 26/02/2015
I hit the download KML button but cannot open the map. THe system cannot locate teh map to view it. Any suggestions?
On 26/02/2015
Thanks for this resource. Very helpful.
On 26/02/2015
This is an excellent tool especially when attempting to determine property lines of real estate. Thanks!
On 24/02/2015
the window with the map is not loading - should now be OK
By Daft Logic on 24/02/2015
Muy bien
By adan urrea on 20/02/2015
the window with the map is not loading
On 19/02/2015
Thank's Very very Good
By Farzad on 17/02/2015
Simpsons Lane 1.60 Acres
By Mike Sweeting on 16/02/2015
Area de fangeo en la REserva de fauna Casa Penya
By JUAN RUIZ on 16/02/2015
I like it! But I'm missing import kml file for update.
By Qulee on 15/02/2015
area of site
On 11/02/2015
By lou on 08/02/2015
6.8 acres
By horse shoe bend 6.8 on 08/02/2015
Building plot
On 06/02/2015
very cool
On 05/02/2015
Thank you for this very useful tool. A interesting option would be the possibility to add .kml files
On 04/02/2015
This is an awesome app
On 03/02/2015
this area is now renamed as cryspona nagar
By anil cryspona on 03/02/2015
AGIO North of pond @ Farm
On 31/01/2015
Great tool for estimating acreage. Thanks
By GK on 29/01/2015
Land of lbarage
By Elmacko on 29/01/2015
Ahh! my apologies! The distance calculator worked out great! good work and apologies for slighting your software unjustly!
By JL Griffin on 28/01/2015
Hi JL Griffin, this area calculator does work. It measures areas and the perimeter of areas. If you are looking to measure distances then please use the Distance Calculator.
By Daft Logic on 28/01/2015
Wish it worked. I need the dimensions of this building im bidding a job on, but its WILDLY off. like at least a 1.8 to 1 scale. Zoomed in and measured the distance of the length key on the map. google map's listing of 10M read out as 18m on here. an average 9 ft wide parking space measures 17 feet in the calculator. Please fix this. love the concept, but it just doesn't work
By JL Griffin on 28/01/2015
This is a really useful tool. Thanks guys
By Sam Tan on 27/01/2015
Hi Mike, it cannot measure height. All measurements are based on a 2D plan view even if it displays as an isometric view.
By Daft Logic on 27/01/2015
Thank you - today I am able to scale properly, but is it possible to scale the elevation and not just the plan view? I need to get the height of a building and whenever I try, it reverts back to the plan view.
By Mike on 27/01/2015
Hi Alwin, sorry I'm not sure what you mean? Can you explain in a bit more detail please?
By Daft Logic on 26/01/2015

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