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Daft Logic is a collection of resources, tools and information with no overall theme, except to see what can be done with modern web API's tools and programming languages. The usefulness or even originality is bit hit and miss, but that's not a bad thing.

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Awesome area calculator. Would LOVE to see a mobile version like an app to use on my table (instead of using my smart phone).
By Tony on 27/07/2014
Making a map of my hiking route with elevations has never been easier.
By Monica on 15/07/2014
I really like using the area calculator. Extremely helpful. But It does not always give me the option to look at the property from another angel. I really need this all the time especially when trees are in the way.
By KGM on 31/05/2014
One of the most usefull tools around. I use this to measure and map out new routes to run
By Jay on 16/05/2014
i dont like it because they should have a gps to track us and where we are right now so they can tell us were we are
On 14/05/2014
Brilliant ideas! Congratulations!
By Luis on 17/04/2014
Excellent tool. Very accurate.
By Vivek George on 02/04/2014
Thank you for your height calculator, even if at some points it is not very accurate. Regards from Spain
By Nacho on 23/03/2014
By K.Govindan on 14/03/2014
havent tried.
By moses on 07/03/2014
I just started testing this out, and so far so good!! I even double checked it with some shorter ground level measurements from 20ft to 100ft that I had previously taken on site / feet on the ground. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED TO SEE the same as what I physically took myself
By BC on 04/03/2014
Thank you for the new definition of "sandbox". Sandbox - As the name suggests, its a place to experiment (and get no hassle when things don't always work!) There is a place in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA which is called The Sandbox because a Geology Professor got to play with the oldest, continuously moving landslide in the world. It is still moving.
By SUNSHINE on 28/01/2014
great for boating !! distance traveled when on the water.
By Mark m on 27/01/2014
Excellent web app. I've been using it to try and plot approx living space for house hunting by measuring in metres. thank you!
By beulah on 23/12/2013
this is SO useful!
By Carlos Martínez on 17/12/2013
One of the most truly useful sites on the internet. I use it to calculate urban garden space in cities. Fantastic.
By David Kenyon on 10/12/2013
I used this tool to estimate acreage for seeding my farm plots. I also used it this week to measure distance for a zip line!
By BW on 20/11/2013
Lovely tool... keep it up
By TC on 13/11/2013
Excellent site
By Anon on 06/11/2013
I use it to see how far an earthquake really is, "as the crow flies."
On 16/10/2013
I've been using this for three years since 2010 for pirate radio to help get a better visual picture of what my coverage area is
By Emily Taylor on 18/09/2013
Fantastic website for students
By sree on 01/08/2013
Very, very good. thanks from Brasil
By Sergio C on 30/07/2013
i love this website it lets me track down my runs so i can be as siq as khalil.............. wallah #NeverStopRunning #Swag #BrazilAthelete #fit4Lyf #PISSA
By jizzworthy on 14/07/2013
This is my most favourite & useful website ever. I have you bookmarked and use your distance calculator many times a week! We are sailors and are always trying to figure out the best routes for cruising... having the distance calculator makes it easy to compare different possibilities and legs of our trips, and has made trip planning much more fun! THANK YOU for creating & supporting such a great tool!
By Leah K. on 11/06/2013
I use to trace the route of my runs and calculate the distance.Very good!!! #NeverStopRunning #BrazilAthlete
By The Intersect on 17/05/2013
Wonderful tool. Easy to use and very flexible. I use it in combination with the Altitude Calculator to plot my Amateur Radio signal path. Thank you,keep up the good work!
By Jack on 05/04/2013
Thanks you for making the world a better place. Thank you!
On 24/03/2013
google map
By suresh kumar yadav on 29/01/2013
This tool allows you to track distances across parks and through wooded areas; unlike Google which is strictly street driven.
By JRM on 18/01/2013

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