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Google Maps Area Calculator Tool

Last Updated 11th November 2015

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This tool allows you to use Google Maps to define an area and then find out the measurement of the enclosed area. You are also able to save your areas for use later on. Click on the map to start drawing an area.

How to Use

  • Click multiple times around the map to define an area
  • The calculated area will then be displayed below the map

Other Options

  • Click [Delete Last Point] to remove the last point clicked
  • Click [Clear All Points] to remove all areas drawn
  • Click [Generate KML] to generate a KML file representing the last area drawn. Once you click this option, after a short delay, a hyperlink "Download KML File Here" will appear. From this link, you can download your KML file
  • Click [Create New Area] to start drawing anew area whilst keeping any existing areas on-screen
  • You can adjust the map size by clicking Small, Medium, Large or Full Screen
  • Click [Export Lat/Lng] to export a list of latitude and longitude coordinates to a text box below the map. You can then copy and paste these to an external system.

Login to Save and Load Maps

You can create an account for free from which you can save and load saved areas unique to you. Click [Create Free Account] to create a new, free account. Once you confirm your email, you will be able to save and load maps while logged in.

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Further Uses and Ideas

  • Allow upload a KML file and calculate any areas of polygons inside
  • Allow export of lengths of perimeter sides

Version History

  • Version 1 (14/11/2007)
  • Version 2 (25/03/2008) - Draggable markers added
    • Version 2.1 (16/10/2008) - Added Terrain map type
    • Version 2.2 (14/12/2009) - Added quick find search tool
    • Version 2.3 (21/03/2009) - Added acres output
    • Version 2.4 (04/11/2009) - Increased maximum size for the Quick Find option
    • Version 2.5 (28/01/2010) - Added square nautical miles output. Rounded off all output to 2 decimal places
    • Version 2.6 (22/02/2010) - Added square feet output.
    • Version 2.7 (12/10/2010) - New option to input points manually by lat/lng pairs.
  • Version 3 (01/12/2010) - Implemented Google Maps API V3
    • Version 3.1 (19/12/2010) - Added option to export to KML (Google Earth)
    • Version 3.2 (17/02/2011) - Added option to draw more than one area in the same session
    • Version 3.3 (07/06/2011) - Fixed Issue with last polyline not showing on KML output
  • Version 4 (08/09/2011) - Ability to save areas under user login
    • Version 4.1 (14/12/2011) - Added hectares output
    • Version 4.2 (22/12/2011) - Added full screen option
    • Version 4.3 (05/02/2012) - Improved Search Facility
  • Version 5 (12/11/2012) - Added perimeter output
  • Version 6 (05/01/2013)
    • Default map is now larger
    • Download KML File Here link has been moved
    • Added Zoom to Fit button
    • Fixed bug with perimeter calculation
  • Version 6.1 (29/06/2014) - Added option to change fill and line colours
  • Version 6.2 (18/07/2014) - Added button [Toggle Markers]
  • Version 6.3 (05/11/2014) - Search Function now works when you hit enter
  • Version 6.4 (23/03/2015) - New button [Estimate Address] to estimate the address of the map centre point
  • Version 6.5 (15/04/2015) - New transparent fill area option
  • Version 6.6 (11/05/2015) - Location of marker now displayed when you hover over the marker
  • Version 6.7 (27/10/2015) - KML export now includes all areas
  • Version 6.8 (11/11/2015) - New option to export list of latitude and longitude to a text box

Previous Comments For This Page

Hi prinsloa, thanks for getting in contact. Yes the extra description had been removed from the KML following an update to facilitate multiple areas exported in the KML. We have just made an update that will give the extra description in the KML when there is only one area exported in the KML ... so back to the way it was. I hope this helps.
By Daft Logic on 26/11/2015
Hi DL, I have just generated and downloaded a kml file and I notice that the area data has gone (Used to be in the description container). Is this due to an update, perhaps? And will it come back at some stage; it is very useful!
By prinsloa on 25/11/2015
espaces verts velizy
By velizy on 24/11/2015
Hi Edd, yes north is oriantated up by default
By Daft Logic on 22/11/2015
How can I find the North South orientation? Is straight up due North?
By Edd on 22/11/2015
Hi, [Pyin Ma Pin Area] appears to be saved when I check the backend system. Can you confirm (1) you can login? (2) can you see any saved areas once you login? Thanks
By Daft Logic on 18/11/2015
HI, Daft logic, i cannot review the saved map on the webpage, the second time i reload the page, it disappears, i saved with the name "Pyin Ma Pin" . I can't find it now.
By knight.hiphop@gmail.com on 18/11/2015
Situação com dois piquees grandes.
By Rancho NR on 16/11/2015
20 acres
On 12/11/2015
I use this tool basically everyday, and it's a life saver. Thanks!
By Kyle D on 12/11/2015
Hi Drew, thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We have added it to the Further Uses and Ideas list.
By Daft Logic on 12/11/2015
I love this tool and use it all the time. Today I used it to estimate the boundaries of a 2-acre dog park we're creating, so the perimeter measurements were tremendously helpful for fencing estimates. However while the total perimeter length was helpful, it would have been even better if you listed the lengths of each side separately. I imagine this tool is programmed to calculate the distance from point A to B to C, etc. when creating the total perimeter length, so these individual measurements probably already exist in your programming. Any way you could make them appear for us? Thank you!
By Drew Campbell on 11/11/2015
SteveDz, We have added a new button to export the list of latitude and longitude pairs to a text box below the map.
By Daft Logic on 11/11/2015
Great tool! Would be handy to have the point coordinates visible w/o hovering over them, and also the ability to add a point by lat/lon
By @SteveDz on 10/11/2015
ver helpfull and accurate,safe me hundreds of $ on a land surveyor.thank you
On 05/11/2015
On 02/11/2015
Chad, Attached is the land in Illinois City we discussed. I am looking to survey between 12 and 15 acres
By Chris McCalley on 30/10/2015
very nice thank you
On 28/10/2015
perfect tool, just i have some idea : it is possible to make the zoom bigger. it's possible to import the picture in file
On 27/10/2015
Multiple areas now output on the KML
By Daft Logic on 27/10/2015
Google maps does this out of the box. Why?
By Google Maps Does This on 26/10/2015
Vytas, you can save each area as it is drawn so that each becomes saved. We are however planning a revamp of the save and load interface.
By Daft Logic on 26/10/2015
Fantastic tool. Is there any function to export all areas under a single KML file?
On 25/10/2015
Very nice!!!
By Rui Alves on 23/10/2015
would be nice to save all map with different areas not last one
By Vytas on 22/10/2015
Google Earth Pro is now free, at least in UK. Haven't yet investigated differences - if any - to 'NotsoDaft Logic'. This remains a great tool. Thanks.
By Uk-Pip on 22/10/2015
By bal parajuli on 18/10/2015
área dos terrenos
By Paulo on 16/10/2015
Need to how to copy an area calculated into and MS Word note.
By Dikedarke on 16/10/2015
Section 1
On 15/10/2015

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